The patio pressure washing service that you have been searching for is here at Empire Pressure Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale FL. We are offering high-end cleaning services for helping you maintain the exterior of your properties. We feel delighted in serving our clients with due diligence and the utmost reverence.

Patio Cleaning

We think out of the box so that you can enjoy every moment you spent with us while we prove ourselves for being the best pressure washing companies in Fort Lauderdale FL. Whether it is for an exterior cleaning or a roof cleaning, our skilled cleaners will make sure that you are fully contented with our cleaning methods an techniques.

Pressure Washing

Cleaning your driveways can prove to be a tough task that is why Empire Pressure Cleaning has taken this initiative to cater to you with an extraordinary driveway pressure washing service in Fort Lauderdale FL. We work with complete indulgence, honesty, and responsibility in order to maintain our position in the market and within your hearts.

Driveway Cleaning

The Pressure Washing Service You Have Been Searching For


The satisfaction of our customers is a necessity to keep u going in the same pace of passion and unyielding efforts. Empire Pressure Cleaning has a 90% customer satisfaction rate that is above average. The way we please our clients is clear proof of our professionalism.

Get Accurate Quotes

We do not believe to put extra charges within our service cost and ask you for high-rates unjustly. That is why we have always kept our costs to a level of competitiveness. Our experts will visit your property and will give you an exact estimate for the cost of roof cleaning, patio cleaning, and exterior cleaning.

We Are Experienced & Experts

All the cleaners and the staff we hire is extremely proficient and efficient in their relevant departments. We are proud to say that our experience is extensive and we have been providing you with quality pressure washing and cleaning for years in Fort Lauderdale FL. 

Roof Cleaning

We work hard to clean your roofs because we know how valuable your roofs are, for sheltering you. Our roof pressure washing is effective and long-lasting because you will not be needing any maintenance or damage more than just a regular cleaning.

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