Glass Table Top - Only Glass No Base

If you’re planning to give your tables a new look with a new table, then we are the ones to call for a table top. We provide our customers with the best glass table tops in Coral Gables FL. We provide affordable glass table tops. You can get a glass table top without a base for $295.00 so call us now and get your glass table top.

Glass Table Top - Only Glass No Base

Glass Table Top - Only Glass No Base

If you have a long dining table which needs a quality glass table top, then we are the ones to call because we can provide you with a glass table top of the highest quality without a base at $550.00. You will find our rates to be very reasonable and lower in comparison to other companies. We make no compromise on the quality of our glass.


Glass Table Top - Only Glass No Base

Round Glass Table Top

When you go looking for the best round table tops in Coral Gables FL just give us a call. We can provide you with round table tops that have been cut and made around in the best possible way. We can assure you the quality of our round table tops which are available to you at $350.00 with no base. All you need to do is give us a call.


Round Glass Table Top

Your Best Shower Glass Door Solution In Coral Gables FL!

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We are a locally owned and operated new shower door company that has been the leading provider of frameless shower door glass for years. We have the finest quality of glass that has the thickness of different sizes according to your requirements in Coral Gables FL. Our trendy and stylish shower enclosures will change the way you look at your showers.

Free Delivery
Customer satisfaction and care are our top priorities that is why we always arrange affordable shower door sales in Coral Gables FL. Whether you call us to book your shower glass or shop online, we will offer you free delivery within 3 to 5 days after the order is being placed.

Shower Doors

We offer an affordable service so you can order your shower glass door through our online store. Or if you would like to check the affordable shower door costs we offer in Coral Gables FL, you can call and request an estimate for your shower doors. We will provide you with a quick and accurate FREE estimate.


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