Auto Wraps

Same car, same color, and same route are the evident cause of boredom in life. Our auto wraps make your cars and life classy and thrilling respectively. These wraps not only change the look of your car but protect its original body paint as well. So if you are looking for “spectacular auto wraps near me” then we are the ones whom you can trust. We are one of the leading auto vehicle wrap companies in Brooklyn OH.

Auto Wraps

Auto Interior Restoration

If your car interior is fading away then all that you need is our auto interior repair services. We can provide you with window tinting and car stereo installation services in Brooklyn OH. Auto wraps and window tinting safeguards your car from exposure to UV rays. Thereby, we have a complete auto interior restoration package for you. Our repairers utilize all their expertise and day to day experience to facilitate you with amazing auto restoration services.

Auto Interior Restoration

Auto Body Paint Service

If you are impressed by the cool paint of your friend’s car then bring your car to us. We have unique and catchy car paint designs. Our auto body paint services in Brooklyn OH bring a sleek look and smooth finish of the paint. When it comes to auto wraps and paint we stand second to none. An amateur can spoil the beauty of your car by mismatching the color shade that you want, but our experts are meticulous when they perform their job.

Auto Body Paint Service

Let Us Make Your Cars Look Cool with Our Auto Wraps and Paint Services in Brooklyn OH

About Us

Jealously Auto Detailing is currently operating in Brooklyn OH and modifying the interior and exterior of cars. We make sure that cars modified by us actually make your friends feel envious. We have experienced staff and advanced tools to restore cars.

Affordable Services

If you think car wrapping and painting services can poke a hole in your pocket then try our car wraps. We have different designs and economical prices for our services. We have a fair pricing strategy that is designed by considering the affordability of all clients.

Wide Range of Services

We have a solution to more than one car problem for you. We can perform

  • Audio stereo installation
  • Auto car painting
  • Car interior restoration
  • Install remote start system
  • Commercial window tinting
  • Auto remote start system installation

Complete Auto Restoration

 Accidents remain no more a surprise when you own a car. Heavy traffic and increasing population across the globe are the leading causes of severe accidents. If you are living in Brooklyn OH then we can restore your car in its previous shape. We offer two-directional glass cleaning, lubricate car door, and thoroughly clean the door locks.

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