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When there are electrical issues in your homes, whether they are small or big, it is suggested to hire a professional electrician. For that reason, call Dunham Electrical Edge as we offer certified best electricians in Longmont CO. Our electricians can deal with all kinds of complex electrical issues and provide you with the best possible solutions to fix them.

Best Electrician

Basement Wiring Contractor

Basement wiring is the most complicated thing to handle. If you want to fix the basement wiring of your home and looking for experienced contractors in Longmont CO, then contact Dunham Electrical Edge. We specialize in providing expert basement wiring to make it safe and function perfectly. So, whenever you want basement wiring repair or installation services, call us to hire our professional contractors.

Basement Wiring Contractor

Electrical Panel Replacement

Electrical panel replacement is not only a complex task but it is also one of the most dangerous tasks. So, it is suggested to hire a professional and experienced contractor for electrical panel replacement services. For this purpose, head to Dunham Electrical Edge while living in Longmont CO. We are reliable amd strive to meet your expectations through excellent services.

Electrical Panel Replacement

Call Us To Hire The Best Electricians For Wiring And Electrical Panel Services In Longmont CO.

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Dunham Electrical Edge is a locally owned and operated electrical company that offers professional and certified electricians in Longmont CO. We have more than 30 years of experience in providing quality electrical services. Our services are guaranteed as we are a licensed and insured electrical company. You can find us at the top while searching for ‘electricians near me.’


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  • Basement Wiring Service
  • Electrical Panel Replacement

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