Appliance Repair Services

You can never predict the functioning of an appliance.  One day it’ll be working fine and start malfunctioning the other day. It is important to maintain your appliances very well to maintain its proper working and get professional repair services in time to nip the evil in bud. We offer affordable appliance repair and installation services in Mount Lebanon PA. call us for free estimates of the cost!

Appliance Repair Services

Refrigerator Repair Cost

It's quite tough to manage your normal schedule in summers without a properly working refrigerator. So, don’t overlook any sign of defect in your refrigerator and call us in time to get the best refrigerator repair services in Mount Lebanon PA at a cost that will not burden your pocket!

Refrigerator Repair Cost

Gas Furnace Installation

It is essential to choose the right service providers for steadfast gas furnace installation because an optimal installation can ensure maximum performance.  Bob Tusky’s Best Appliance is known to be the best gas furnace installation company that can serve most professionally and affordably. We aim to be the best gas furnace installation and repair service in Mount Lebanon PA in terms of excellence.

Gas Furnace Installation

We Are The Ones You Can rely On For The Perfect Appliance Repair Service In Mount Lebanon PA!

About Us

Bob Tusky’s Best Appliance was established in 1950 to serve its customers in various appliance repair and installation domains. Our wide range of services and well-known history of successful experiences make us very reliable in the eyes of our customers. Our unwavering quality and appliance repair prices make us very popular in Mount Lebanon PA.

Free Estimates

Bob Tusky’s Best Appliances is reputed to have a very fair record of costing and pricing. The reason is that even though we provide affordable refrigeration repair, low gas furnace repair prices, and other economical services, still we aspire to give every customer a free estimate of our service costs. This keeps an air of clarity and pleasant relationship with the customers.

Our Services

Our main services, which are quick as well as affordable, are

  • Appliance repair and installation
  • Affordable Refrigerator repair and installation
  • Gas furnace replacement, repair, and installation
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • HVAC services

Gas Furnace Replacement

Just like our appliance repair services, our gas furnace replacement service is quick, affordable, and of good quality. Our professional team truthfully examine the condition of the old gas furnace and give you a piece of expert advice on your decision of choosing between replacement and repair. We are the best and economical ones in both of them.

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