Senior Care Service

Whether your elderly are facing chronic health conditions or disabilities, we are here to serve them. Retain your desire to stay in your home with care provided by the best senior care service in Pompano Beach FL. We have a team of the best senior caregivers who tend to you in a place that is most familiar to you, your home. Live in the lifestyle you’re accustomed to without starting over, with the help of our senior home assistants who are specialized in their duties towards your care and service.

Senior Care Service

Personal Case Service

Want personal care services at cheap rates? If yes, then look no further. Homecare for the elderly and all those in need of special assistance can all be conducted from the comforts of your own home now with personalized senior care. Cut down 25% on your visits to doctors and in cases of Alzheimer’s like illnesses up to 50% by clicking on “Caregivers near me” and hiring us as your companion care partner. Senior personalized care services are the best option in terms of ease and comfort.

Personal Case Service

Senior Home Assistant

Senior home care is the top choice of most elderly people according to a survey, it rids them of starting over with a new roomie. Our caregivers for seniors are the most professional and courteous who would know how to handle any arising situation. You can be subject to our top-notch services by clicking “Senior caregiver near me” icon, have a talk with our representative and book yourself an appointment. When you hire us, we will never disappoint you!

Senior Home Assistant

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About Us

D&I Home Care Services provides the best caregivers near you for all elderly and patients on longer care plans. Our elderly helpers top the charts of the best and most professional experts in the field of caregiving who will take up the fight with you and make you recover better than ever before. A team of keenly selected professionals who master the chores of caregiving along with upholding the best moral grounds of courtesy makes sure our clients receive the best care there can be for them.

Years Of Experience

The major factor that contributes wholly towards our development is the professionalism and expertise gained by our staff in the field throughout all these years. Years of services in reviving old hopes and dreams have taught us to work even more relentlessly towards the cause of good.

Variety Of Services

When it comes to a patient having continuous treatment for a long time, it is always the desire of every patient to stay in the comforts of their own home while going through the process. To make true their desires D&I Home Care Services offers the following variety of services:

  • Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Senior care services.
  • Assistance in bathing, dressing, walking, and exercise.
  • Light housekeeping and meal preparation.
  • Transport assistance, medication reminders,s and arranging appointments.
  • Companionship, laundry, and reporting of client condition.

Our Mission

The main aim of D&I Homecare Services has always been steadfast in providing reliable home care to seniors and patients to give them the relief of being at their home,


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