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Looking for a reliable garage door installation service?  Well, A1 Installations Garage Door Installation is your one-stop solution to serve the purpose. We operate in Cornelius NC, Charlotte NC, Morrisville NC & surrounding areas, and specializes in delivering garage door installation, repair, garage door cable, roller, and motor repair and garage door replacement services. Utilize our 15 years of experience to enjoy the most garage door services in town!   

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Garfield Koepp
July 07, 2020 7:21am
Rating 4.0

My garage door is not the newest. The one big spring broke and I couldn't lift the heavy door. Technician came out and replaced it with a double spring, so that if one side breaks the other side will still work. Now my door slides up and down with no problem. Now I can also put my vehicle in the garage, just in time for winter snow. Now I just have to clean out the garage to make a space for my vehicle. Good job A1 Installations Garage Door Installation!

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