Lloyd Pitts Home Furnishings

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Lloyd Pitts, Inc. harbors Lloyd Pitts Custom Cabinetry and Lloyd Pitts Window Treatments. Lloyd's company is a 40-year-old window treatment specialty contractor that added a line of radiator covers 20 years ago. The craftsmen at Lloyd Pitts exude professionalism and talent. We're renowned for constructing customized cabinets, radiator covers, and window treatments that aptly complement our clients' interiors. All of our products reflect our passion for home design and attention to detail. Please explore our site to discover how Lloyd Pitts, Inc. can serve you.


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Rose R. Lane

They offer only the best products and their services are really the best


Kimberly R. Nicodemus

Highly recommend because they are brilliant and agile!


Paul C. Cox

Most affordable shoji screen installers!


Kathleen A. Powers

The best services I would say!


Karen J. Kasten

Most competent among all. Would personally recommend!