Prime Protection

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Prime Protection LLC was started to change the face of the Home Security Industry. We operate on the Golden Rule standard, “Do unto others, as you would want done unto you”. We are known as the ADT guys to the Realtors. This is because we are trusted to take great care of Realtors clients but will also take great care of you.


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Manuel C. Kyle

It was the first time I called them for a security camera installation, and they offered me a free security camera. What can be better than this?


Matt L. Owen

My surveillance system was really old due to which it was unable to capture anything. Got the best replacement from this company.


Shannon J. Burk

They offered me different security packages so that I can choose the one in my budget. So considerate of them!


Maureen E. Hagler

I called them for a CCTV installation because of some security issues. Feeling glad I made the decision to hire them.


George C. Winkler

They are the real authorized dealers and providers for the best safety solutions.