Digital Marketing Made Me What I AM Today

They say always believe what you hear on the streets because some part of it is always true. I did the same and ended up where I am today.

Not more than five years back I started a website on which people could buy and sell preloved goods just by posting the pictures of those goods on the website. The first thing I needed was a large customer following and for people to believe that they could actually buy good preloved stuff online.

The second problem was to get people to put up pictures of their goods which they would under usual circumstances present in a garage sale. I thought the website would slowly gain popularity but 6 months passed and the website was not growing a family of either buyers or sellers.

I had left my job and concentrated all my funds towards this project. I had hired a few people to work with me on this website but the result was zero. My finances were going down and I was on the brink of a mental breakdown. One evening I went to the park to breathe in the tranquil of Mother Nature when I saw a guy in his mid-twenties working on his laptop. I engaged him in a conversation and that was when I found out he was working for a company which provided digital marketing services. Although many told me not to believe any digital marketing company as they lay traps to engulf your money with zero effect on business I still went to that company and talked to a senior about my problems. He advised me to get their services and see the results in a month; having no other option I agreed and decided to pool my money here.

The company took over my website and within two weeks I could see some major changes. Their web development and SEO team were on it and after three weeks the website was showing some progress. They told me about SEM marketing and pay per click. As the professionals kept working on my website they also kept informing me about the progress of my website. I saw the views and customer lading increasing on my page and the pay per click was paying off. They also developed an app on the app store for me in order to reach out to the people using cell phones. Their business strategy was focused and sharp. In one year, my website had a great customer following and I was earning a lot more than I expected.

To add the cherry on top my website was appearing in the top five results constantly for retail services after Amazon. This was a major delight to my eyes and I couldn’t believe where I was in one year. I have become an inspiration for so many people. Many tell me their belief in strong ideas has become stronger.

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