Is EPDM A Better Solution For Roofing Solutions?

EPDM roofing installation services

Roofing installation services! Once you become a home owner, the number of responsibilities that are bestowed on you are increased. One of the important responsibilities is the maintenance or replacement of your roof. Roofs can become damaged overtime. This damage can occur due to a plethora of reasons, some of which are related to dangerous weather conditions, manmade accidents or just the effects of time. Once your roof is damaged enough for it to be repaired or replaced, one thing that you should consider is to have it repaired with EPDM roofing membrane. EPDM roofing membranes have become a highly popular and cost-effective options recently. If you jump at the chance to get this roofing option, know that there are not as many EPDM Roofing installation companies in Granbury TX. Before purchasing this roofing option, there are a few things that all people thinking about buying EPDM should know.


We start with the pros, the benefits that you need to know of EPDM before you go ahead with its installation.

Recycled Materials.

A major advantage of EPDM roofing membrane is that it is made out of completely recycled materials and as time goes by and it is then removed, you will be able to recycle it again. This makes EPDM roofing membranes very environmentally friendly which will give you the peace of mind you need knowing you are doing your part in helping the environment.

Saves Money.

Another advantage is that EPDM roofing membranes reflect the suns heat and conversely keeps the interior of your house cool. This is particularly useful in the summers as it can help save you money that you would’ve spend on artificial cooling such as HVAC systems.


Since rubber is completely waterproof which is a very great advantage for those that live in a wet climate. A major repair that many home owners have to face is the constant repair of roof leaks which can cause serious damage to the interior of your house, boost the growth of mold which can directly affect the lives of you and your family. With the entire roof having been made out of rubber, the chances of a water leak is very low.

UV Stable.

EPDM roofs are also UV Stable which means that when exposed to direct sun-light for extended periods of time, the roof will not perish as quickly as other roofing options.


With everything that has so many positives, there are bound to be at least a few cons.


To start with, EPDM roofs are much more difficult to install as not many companies have experience installing EPDM Roofing membranes which means that if you did find a company that installs EPDM roofs, it won’t be cheap at all. To find companies that offer EPDM roofing installation services you should search online for Roofing contractor near me Granbury TX that offer EPDM roofing services.

Regular Checks.

While it is strong, long lasting and quite durable, this form of roofing is not completely damage proof. Sometimes leaks can occur around the chimney and it can also get damaged, which means that you will have to often check to see whether or not the roof requires repairs or any kind of maintenance.