You Think Your Carpet Is Mold Free – You Need To Rethink

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Carpets are one of the expensive investments in your house. Undoubtedly, they enhance the interior of your house like nothing else. Wherever the carpet is used to add comfort to your space, they welcome a number of diseases such as breathing problems, allergies and more. One of the reasons behind increased carpet problems is that it absorbs all the pollutants in the air, making your air pure. Though this counts as a benefit of carpet installation, however, it also needs regular carpet cleaning in Marietta GA to avoid other health issues.

Another major issue with carpets are the growth of mold and the accident spills are the reason behind their growth. Even a little amount of water spilled on the carpet can cause the mold beneath the carpet and the chances are high that you will not aware of it. As mold grows in the hidden places, it is often difficult to find it.

Signs That Your Carpet Is Affected!

If you are not sure of your carpet’s condition, here is what you need to look for.

Stale Odor                       

Home is a place where you find the utmost comfort. What if you come home after a tiring day and find a stale odour ruling over your house? Will you be okay with that smell? Obviously not. Thus, when your house smells this bad, it’s a clear sign that you need carpet cleaning services to get rid of hidden mold beneath your carpet.

Your Carpet Is Growing Old

Being a human, we are habitual of using things until it is badly damaged. The age of your carpet is one of the reasons why your house is affected by the mold. Old carpets are more open to mold growth. Therefore, when your carpet has completed its age, it’s better to remove it as soon as possible to avoid the mold attack.

You See Wet Patches

Mold needs dampness to grow. Therefore, when your carpet is exposed to water for a longer time, it allows the mold to grow. So, keep your eyes open to look for the wet patches on your carpet. Especially when you have carpet in your basement which is more exposed to accident leaks, hence, mold growth is common. Once you realize which part of your house is leaking, take immediate action to fix it.

Attacked By Allergies

Mold is known for spreading many diseases like breathing problems and skin allergies. So, if you have been attacked by any of these, its time to take care of your carpets. Though it is not obvious that your have been attacked by the mold, it’s always a good idea to keep a regular check or go for Organic Carpet Cleaning in Marietta GA as a safety measure.

Faded Carpet

Carpets usually do not fade for ages, but when they do, they have a reason for it. The early sign of mold growth beneath your carpet is that its colour starts fading and with the passage of time, black or green spots will appear all over the carpet. If you see such spots on your carpet, get it removed right away.