Use of Social Media For Promoting Plumbing Business

A man tightening a pipe

Today, social media can be used for different purposes such as entertainment or promoting a local business. As we know, we all need plumbing services to fix different issues like water leakage, broken tap, etc. When we need a plumber, we search for the best nearby plumber on the internet and hire the reputable one.

This guide provides you with detailed information about the use of social media to promote a plumbing business. It will let you expand to different countries of the world. For this purpose, you must have your company’s website where the detailed information of the business is provided to the customers.

You must know about the reasons why people use social media to promote a plumbing business. The major reason is that modern people are so into social media that they are spending most of their time using social media platforms on their cell phones like Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, you can easily reach your target audience.

Following are some of the major reasons why the plumbing business uses social media for promotion purposes:

  • Reach Target Audience

The major reason is to reach your target audience and let them know about your business and its specifications. There are more than five billion people using social media apps so it is best for the plumbers to promote their business on these platforms to get access to a huge audience of potential customers.

  • Brand Awareness

If you want to know about the use of social media to promote a plumbing business, you must share your business details on social media platforms and create brand awareness. You can build your brand and become visible to billions of people. They can call you whenever they need you depending upon your services and their needs. You can arrange a brand person enriched with personality traits who could represent your company.

  • Build Strong Relations

You can build strong relations with your customers by engaging with them through social media. Your followers will come to know about your personality and services. You can build trust among them over time and make new customers. You can also talk to them directly to build strong relations. It can also be done by asking them questions through your posts to gain their attention.

  • Get Qualified Leads

The plumbers can get qualified leads on social media as the people who show interest in your posts and business can become your customer later on. When you notice a person following you on social media, it means he is interested in your business. So, you must keep engaging with them through your posts and get a qualified lead there.

How To Use social media For Promotion?

The use of social media to promote a plumbing business is not so easy as you must know about the right tips to promote a plumbing business. So, here are some of the techniques or tips you can follow to promote your business:

  • Pick Right Platform

First, you must choose the right platform that could let you get a large audience. The platform must be chosen depending upon your target audience as every social media platform has a different user base. For your information, Twitter has a limit of 280 characters which is an ideal platform to share different ideas and tips related to plumbing companies.

LinkedIn is considered best for networking-minded people. On Facebook, you can post different types of content so it is best for reaching a large target audience. You can create groups on Facebook related to plumbing companies. You can also share videos of your plumbing company on YouTube.

  • Share Your Content Timely

Tips to promote a plumbing business include timely sharing company-related content. You should also share videos or images related to your company because people are more attracted to visuals as compared to text. Every type of social media post has a different goal.

A plumbing company can post on social media to educate, promote and engage with the target audience. If you post irrelevant content on your promotional website, the customers might lose interest in your business. So, make sure you post relevant content.

  • Post Frequently

If you want to know how to make your plumbing business grow, you must post frequently. Never give a gap of more than two days in your posts because your customers will think your business is not active and will not contact you.

It would be best if you create at least one post daily regarding your plumbing business. But you can also create four to five posts every week to engage with your customers.

  • Run Paid Ads

You can also run paid ads on social media platforms so the people who have not followed you can also see your promoted content. For example, you can see Facebook and Instagram let you run paid ads of your content to reach your target audience.

You need to pay for boosting your posts. If you are not low on budget, you can employ social media marketing that could help you get an audience by gender, age, interests, and demographics. In this way, you can expand your plumbing business.

  • Be Social

It is important for you to be social if you want to promote your plumbing business on social media. You need to like the posts of others and share their posts to engage with them. You must create engaging content to gain the attention of the audience.

You should respond to the texts of your followers and answer their questions as much as you can. You can also join different online groups to engage with others and promote your business. In this way, you will get the attention of a large audience and expand your business in different regions.


You can use social media for promoting your plumbing business but you must choose the right platform. You can choose the platform depending upon your target audience. You must know about the strategies that can be used for promoting your business if you are searching for something like how to grow your plumbing business? The best use of social media to promote a plumbing business is to stay connected with your audience and share posts frequently.

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