10 Best Landscaping Companies in San Jose

In the list below are the best landscaping companies located near you in San Jose. All of these companies are decked out in terms of modern tools and equipment and only hire professional landscapers to ensure quality and work resolution. So, choose the best landscaping company in San Jose right now!

Best Landscaping Companies in San Jose:

These are the best-rated companies in San Jose:

  1. Loayza’s Pools Spas & Landscaping - a name in landscaping that you can always trust.
  2. All Green Scape - green and landscaping go hand in hand.
  3. Greenlife Landscaping Design & Construction - an insured and licensed company for scenic landscaping.
  4. Crystal Springs Landscape Co - the best landscapers you can find in town.
  5. Green Planet Landscaping & Painting - keeping the planet green is their passion.
  6. Water and Earth Landscape Design - impeccable record in redefining the landscape.
  7. Almaden Valley Landscape - master landscapers at work to make your place more appealing.
  8. General Landscaping Service - professional landscapers that are the best in class.
  9. Elemental Design Group - gives your place a touch of personality and grace.
  10. Vista Landscape - you are not going to look for another landscaper after.

Loayza's Landscaping Pools and Spas

Loayza's Landscaping Pools and Spas has carved out a reputation for itself as one of the premier landscaping services in San Jose. They have a solid foundation of satisfied clients to back up their claims of excellence and professionalism. They hire qualified landscapers in San Jose CA and then equip them with the necessary tools and instruments to make sure everything is done right the first time. You will find them among the top search results when you look online for “San Jose landscapers”. So, for excellent services and competitive pricing, get in touch with them!


Benches, Decks, Walkways Landscaping, Hardscape, Retaining Walls, Pools & Spas, Pool Steps, Fountains, Fireplaces, and much more.

Address & Contact Information: 

Address: 2096 Stone Ave. San Jose, Ca. 95125 

Tel: 408-297-5555

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.loayzas.com/

Customer Reviews: 

"Was wary of shadowy companies before. But this experience has changed my perception. Professional crew and modern instruments. Highly recommended!" - Annette Richard

"I was looking for the best landscapers in San Jose when this company came through. Thumbs UP." - Charles Fisher

"I was too lazy and inexperienced to tend to my lawn and landscape. After hiring the company, the ugly scenery is gone." - Shannon Ramirez

All Green Scape

If you are looking for the best landscapers in San Jose, then you have come to the right place. All Green Scape is a trusted name in the community for its exceptional landscaping services in the locality. They only employ experienced landscapers for the sake of quality and professionalism. The company does not shy away from going the extra mile to make its clients happy. This is evident from the sheer amount of positive feedback in the form of online reviews and comments. So, for a delightful landscaping experience in San Jose CA, give All Green Scape a call right now! 


Landscaping, Lawn Maintenance, Synthetic Grass Installation, Irrigation Systems Installation, Irrigation Systems Repair.

Address & Contact Information: 

Address: 1098 S. 6th Street  Suite # B  San Jose, CA 95112 

Tel: 408-849-0216

Email: Info[email protected]

Website: http://allgreenscape.com/

Customer Reviews: 

"My friend recommended me All Green Scape to me. They had a long, constructive relationship so I thought I would give a chance. Totally worth it!"- Robert Summerfield

"The company has the best gardeners in the area and they are not shy to go the extra mile to make their customers happy. Thumbs UP!" - David May

"I hired the company for irrigation and trimming of the flora. The team was friendly and did not disappoint with their work and behaviour." - John Arrington

Greenlife Landscaping Design & Construction

Greenlife Landscaping Design & Construction is a locally owned and operated landscape contractor in San Jose that offers a wide range of services to its clients. It has a dedicated team of landscapers who are trained and experienced in transforming the landscape using the latest instruments. The company is heavily invested in assisting its clients throughout the process to ensure maximum satisfaction of their clients. That is why you can find lofty praises of Greenlife Landscaping Design & Construction in the online chatter in the forms of positive ratings and comments. So, to enhance the curb appeal of your place, contact now!


Landscaping, Lawn Maintenance, Concrete, Structural Concrete, Pavers, Fireplaces and Fire Pits, Drainage, Irrigation, Low voltage system, Planting

Location & Contact Information: 

Address: 887 Ironwood Drive, San Jose, California 95125, United States

Tel: 408-426-0890

Email: [email protected]
Website: https://greenlifeconstruction.net/

Customer Reviews: 

"I have my complete trust in Greenlife Landscaping. They are cordial, punctual, and never quit until they are done." - Cynthia Carvajal

"We met with many companies before settling on Greenlife. They are the best in class with a strong team of gardeners to back them up." - Delia Voorhees

"After getting on board with Greenlife, I don’t think we are ever going to find another company this good. Modern tools and reasonable pricing!" - Rodney Myers

Crystal Springs Landscape Co.

Crystal Springs Landscape Co. is a professional enterprise that deals with landscape construction, maintenance, and irrigation. Since its inception, it has always come up with novel and poetic ways to enhance the look of the houses in the community. Their team of landscapers in San Jose is considered to be an elite group of professionals that can transform the whole place with a little trimming and cutting of the flora. Crystal Springs Landscape Co. is highly revered by its clients for its timeless landscaping services. So, for a quick quote on your landscape, contact the company right away!


Residential & Commercial Landscaping, Design, Lawn Maintenance, Irrigation, Seasonal Planting, Tree Care, Interiorscaping 

Location & Contact Information: 

Address: 426 Perrymont Ave, San Jose, CA 95125, United States

Tel: 408-286-9694

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.csland.net/

Customer Reviews: 

"Great company and awesome team. We hired Crystal Springs and let them do their work. It suffices to say we are wholly satisfied." - Elizabeth McFarland

"I was on the fence about hiring the company or not. After going through testimonials from other clients, I was hooked!" - Chi Baldwin

"I found it over CityLocal Pro and already sold it before calling the company. Everything was perfect and the price was a steal for me." - Ernest Martin

Green Planet Landscaping & Painting

Green Planet Landscaping & Painting is a household name in the community of San Jose for its impressive landscaping construction and maintenance work. They are among the top landscapers in San Jose with comprehensive services and nominal pricing to top off the deal. These services can truly transform the look and feel of your place and make it stand out in the neighbourhood. You can rely on the experience and expertise of their professionals in dealing with all matters related to irrigation and landscaping. So, for an impressive exterior look, Green Planet Landscaping & Painting is your only choice!


Landscaping, Hardscapes, Lawns, Irrigation, Interior landscaping, Tree Care

Location & Contact Information: 

Address: 82 Esfahan Court #2,San Jose, CA,95111
Tel: 408-600-5169

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://contractorimages.com/

Customer Reviews: 

"Green Planet truly transformed my front yard with their exceptional skills. I was satisfied to the core with the pricing and their strategy." - Christian Lee

"My friend recommended me Green Planet for painting and landscaping. I was not sure at first, but taking the risk was the best decision!" - James  Roe 

"After being robbed by bogus companies, we found Green Planet. It saved our front yard and us from no-good landscapers!" - Willie Compton

Water and Earth Landscape Design

If you were looking for the best landscapers in San Jose CA, your quest ends here. Water and Earth Landscape Design has truly modified the way landscaping in San Jose was done before, thanks to their trained and experienced landscapers and the latest gadgetry. The company has become a force to reckon with in the community for its proactive approach toward the services. Water and Earth Landscape Design offers complete assistance to their clients in terms of consultation and quotations and makes sure to leave no stone unturned to satisfy their demands. So, call them now to get started!


Outdoor Living Design, Landscaping, Consultation, Existing Design Review

Location & Contact Information: 

Address: 1702-L Meridian Ave #347, San Jose, CA 95125, United States

Tel: 408-560-6362

Website: https://www.waterandearthld.com/

Customer Reviews: 

"The team was honest, agile, and trustworthy of counsel. They helped me in choosing the best design for my house and I am grateful for that!" - Minnie Ambriz

"I met a couple of landscapers before choosing Water and Earth. I can tell you from experience that there is not anyone better than them." - Olga Zielinski

"The team knew all about plants and how they are going to complement the setting of my house. This was enough to strongly recommend Water and Earth!" - Mary Fike

Almaden Valley Landscape

For those looking for a reliable landscaping company in San Jose, there is no need to look further. Almaden Valley Landscape is a well-known company in the vicinity of San Jose CA for landscape construction, commercial maintenance, and irrigation of landscape. They have a team of experienced landscapers who are equipped with modern tools and instruments to ensure quality and agility in every project. Their clients sing praises for their services and award them in the form of positive online feedback. They demand competitive pricing which is always a plus. So, get in touch with Almaden Valley Landscape now!


Design, Pavers, Drought Tolerant, Lawns, Irrigation, Lighting, Walls, Fireplaces, Fire Pits, Water Features, Pergolas, Outdoor Kitchens

Location & Contact Information: 

Address: 1177 Branham Ln #326, San Jose, CA 95118, United States

Tel: 844-256-2336

Website: https://almadenvalleylandscape.com/

Customer Reviews: 

"All I can think of this company is WOW. It is pure magic how they changed a complete mess into a piece of art. Bravo!" - Ryan Ackerman

"Best landscaping company ever. The team was proactive in its approach and completed work before the deadline." - Shad Shaw

"I needed a simple makeover but ended up getting the full landscaping and flora treatment. It was that good." - Darryl Mackey

General Landscaping Service

General Landscaping Service is not your ordinary landscaping joint in San Jose CA. It is a licensed, bonded, and insured enterprise that deals with all things related to landscaping. They employ qualified landscapers and then train them further in the modern techniques of trimming and floral styling. You will find their signboard around San Jose often as they earn referrals and retainers quite a lot. The crew is professional to the core and cordial to answer all the questions you have about the process. You will surely be satisfied with the work and pricing by General Landscaping Service. Connect today!


Landscaping, Design, Maintenance & Construction

Location & Contact Information: 

Address: 1177 Branham Ln. #240 San Jose, Ca. 95118

Tel: 408-859-4769

Email: [email protected]
Website: https://bayareagls.com

Customer Reviews: 

"The first response was quick and our appointment was set for the next free slot. The work was just amazing and the price was perfect." - Diane Peterson

"The team came on stipulated time and completed the work in a couple of hours. Completely satisfied with the services and follow-up." - Marguerite Poindexter

"I am happy with General Landscaping with their quick response and satisfactory work in this regard. They are professionals and true to their word!" - Patricia Crawford

Elemental Design Group

It was hard to find reliable landscaping services in San Jose CA. With the introduction of Elemental Design Group in the commercial landscape of the vicinity, you are sure to get the best landscaping in town. It is a licensed and fully insured entity that deals with irrigation, maintenance, and construction of landscaping to your specifications. Their team of landscapers and modelers is highly skilled and certified to ensure your work always remains in the capable hands. The popularity of Elemental Design Group is evident among their clients who always reward them with glowing reviews and comments. So, contact now!


Custom Garden Design, Architecture, Custom Interiors, Exquisite Landscapes

Location & Contact Information: 

Tel: 831-338-1709

Website: https://elementaldesign.com/

Customer Reviews: 

"I was blown away by the professionalism and politeness of the landscaping team. They were great both on and off work. Highly recommended!" - Carl Dungan

"My wife found Elemental Design Group on CityLocal Pro. I was skeptical but it was a great decision. The price was just right and the work was A plus!" - John Conner

"I interviewed five to seven companies before meeting with Elemental. In the first couple of minutes, I was hooked by the professionalism and sustainable approach!" - Sallie Texeira

Vista Landscape

Vista Landscape is your partner in dealing with landscaping construction, irrigation, and maintenance. With years of experience, modern expertise, and a stellar record in customer service under its belt, the company should be your only choice for landscaping contractors in San Jose. Their crew of landscapers is highly trained and equipped with the latest tools to ensure you have the best service in town. You will find Vista Landscape rocking the search engine rankings when you search online for “landscaping services in San Jose”. So, for the best landscapers in the city, contact the company right now!


Landscaping, Tree & Shrub Care, Lawn Care

Location & Contact Information: 

Address: 3075 Rose Ave, San Jose, CA 95127, United States

Tel: 408-272-0242

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.vistalandscapesj.com/

Customer Reviews: 

"Was wary of shadowy companies before. But this experience has changed my perception. Professional crew and modern instruments. Highly recommended!" - Glenn Harrold

"I was looking for the best landscapers in San Jose when this definitive list came through. Found my dream company. Thumbs UP!" - Henry Dietrich

"I was too lazy and inexperienced to tend to my lawn and landscape. After hiring the company, the ugly scenery is gone!" - Robert James

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