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Brain-Holloway Carpet One Floor & Home is a flooring company that provides flooring services. We offer a variety of flooring products and services...

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Floor Repair Solutions for Every Budget and Need

Whether it's remodeling or expanding a home or business space, your floor is essential in keeping your feet steady on the ground. Don't settle for less; succumb to uneven floors and jacked-up carpet jobs. Please choose from our well-researched list of the best flooring contractors near you in Dothan, Alabama. Make your home a safe space so kids and pets can run freely, and your business space can be a firm anchorage for foot traffic. Whatever your purpose, we included various companies that offer a full assortment of products and flooring services. We have accounted for their services through countless hours of research on what locals have to say about these top flooring installers in your area. Get flooring companies that know the latest flooring trends and understand the in an out of flooring installation. Don’t deal with the rookies and get your floor more messed up than it already was. Choose a flooring company that would innately be an investment in your home and helps you in the long run. CityLocal101 provides you with company information, reviews, and even links to their website for ease in getting a free quote. The choice is up to you now!

How can I find out more about the experience and reputation of a flooring company?

To find out more about the experience and reputation of a flooring company, you can contact them directly or check out their website. Always make sure that they have some tangible proof of their past work and records of their licensing or accreditation before hiring a company.

Is it important to check the licensing and insurance of flooring contractors before hiring them?

Flooring contractors typically don’t need licensing to operate but in terms of insurance you should always make sure that they have experience working with insurance claims before hiring them.

How can I find floor installers that use environmentally-friendly materials and practices?

Environmentally friendly materials are very common in the flooring industry which include wood paneling and stone tiles. Almost all flooring installers know how to use these environmentally friendly materials. As for practices, they may recycle wasted material or contact a junk removal company to get rid of debris.