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How do you ensure that your flooring projects are completed on time and on budget?

To ensure that a flooring project Is completed on time and on budget, make sure to schedule beforehand with your flooring contractor and outline the scope of the project so you may stay on track and not over exceed your budget.

How do you handle change orders or scope changes during a flooring project?

If a flooring project is cancelled during the middle a client should pay for the amount of work that has been done thus far. To avoid any awkward conversations this should be outlined in the contract beforehand.

What steps do you take to ensure the safety of yourself and the general public during flooring projects?

Flooring doesn’t really entail any work that will cause injury besides the hazards of the materials being used like nails, staples, and sealants. This should be kept out of reach for all those who aren’t the professionals working on the job.