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STA-DRY Roofing is a roofing company that provides roofing services under expert roofing contractors. Our contractors are well trained and professiona...

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How do modern Roofing Companies keep up with the latest roofing techniques and technologies?

With the advancement of technology and new materials being implemented in current homes, roofing companies keep up to date with the latest roofing techniques and technologies by constantly acquiring a certification and attending conventions related to their field in which all these matters are discussed. They devise ways to implement new and faster technology not only for the benefit of your home but for the optimization of their process.

Do Multiple Professional Roofing Contractors also offer any roofing services along with solar panel installations?

Roofers aren’t trained to install or replace solar panels therefore, you’d have to get them removed before the project begins.

How do Roofers handle roofing projects that require scaffolding or other specialized equipment?

If the roof that contractors are working on is a sloped roof, they will use scaffolding and other equipment to prevent falls and other injuries. Flat roofs still require conventional gear like hard hats, and gloves, among other equipment.