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Henderson Roofing is a roofing company located in Florence, AL found in 1986. We have expert roofing contractors providing services over Flat Roof Ser...

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Living in a city like Florence, AL can mean you're exposed to a ton of pollutants and detrimental air quality. More than that, the snowfall that accumulates can bear down on your property if your roof isn't able to hold up to the several feet of snow that piles up every December season. Let’s face it--a cheap and worn-down roof not only looks terrible but isn't providing security as it should. Extend the lifespan of your property and make sure you're safe from the harmful environmental factors in your area. Better energy efficiency, better security and safety, and replacement of allergens and dust--these are only a small percentage of the vast benefits you gain from installing a new roofing system. You no longer need to trade your health because you lack the know-how of finding top roofing services near you. We took it among ourselves to find the best residential and commercial roofing companies in Florence, Alabama, who can help you move towards building a healthier and more efficient home. Your roof isn’t just a sheet that covers your head, it protects the body and health of your home and you. View some of the best roofing companies near you and save yourself from the hidden damage. We care, so we provide! Choose now!

Do the Roofing Contractor, You are hiring, have experience working with insurance adjusters?

In the career of roofing contractors, they have experience working with insurance adjusters due to a number of insurance claims made by clients. An insurance adjuster mediates any claims by investigating both parties and the cause of report.

How do Roofers prevent leaks or water damage during a roofing project?

Water damage is prevented during a roofing project with the implementation of an ice and water shield. An ice and water shield is a waterproof membrane that protects your roofing material from any sort of leakage getting underneath the roofing deck and invading your interior space.

Do the Roofing Company, you are hiring, have experience working with different types of roofing systems (flat, pitched, etc.)?

Roofing companies are experienced with working with all types of roofing systems whether flat or steep and pitched. To tackle steep and pitched roofs do have hey se safety harnesses to maneuver the slope. Flat roofs are typically the most common and easiest to handle so it will certainly be on the experience sheet of a roofing company.