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P.I Roofing is a roofing company that has been providing roofing services since 2001. Our staff and technicians are professional, well-trained, cooper...

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Do you have a system in place for handling subcontractors during roofing projects?

Working with subcontractors is beneficial but can get tedious as there will be less range of control. A contractor will however employ multiple subcontractors to get the job done effectively through a specialist.

How do you manage the logistics of a roofing project (e.g. materials delivery, equipment rental)?

The management of logistics is proposed in the roofing contract where you will find a list of materials, timeline, equipment being used and more.

Do you have experience working with roofing projects that require coordination with other contractors or professionals (e.g. HVAC, electrical)?

The most important part of a roofing project is the timeline, that is why roofing contractors should be able to schedule and define the scope of the process when they coordinate with other contractors. They need to choose a reliable team to get the job done right away.