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Durable and Sustainable Roofing Options for Your Home

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Do Roofers also offer any roofing services for historic or protected buildings?

Not all roofers work on historic and protected buildings because each has their own speciality. Often some of them exclusively work on newer homes as historic buildings require more care due to their fragility. If you have an older home, get in touch with a contractor who specializes in older homes.

How do Roofing Companies handle roofing projects that require special permits or approvals?

Depending on your state, you may need to submit a separate project proposal and pay the necessary costs to the Planning Department if your project needs to be approved through the planning process. Permits and approvals are conducted in the same regard.

Do Roofing Contractors & Roofing Companies also offer any roofing services for green or environmentally-friendly buildings?

Roofing contractors can offer environmentally friendly options like metal for those who are looking to uphold a green building. Reclaimed tile and clay roofs are also another common eco-friendly option most roofers know how to use.