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How long does it typically take to complete a roofing project?

The length of your roofing project depends entirely upon if you are replacing the entire roof or simply fixing the damage. The general rule of thumb is that the square footage of your home alongside the weather conditions in your region will be a big factor in how long it takes contractors to complete your roofing project.

Do Roofers usually have liability insurance to protect your customers?

A professional roofer should have liability insurance that covers all claims regarding damage the contractor causes to a third party. This liability insurance will protect you and your home. During the interview process of hiring a contractor, you should always ask them if they have liability insurance in place before starting the project.

Do roofing companies have a safety program in place for their roofing crew?

Not only do roofing companies have workers compensation, but they also have safety programs in place for the roofing crew. Roofers go through extensive training to make sure that they know how to handle the materials properly with safety measures in place.