Copper West Roofing
Rating 4.0

Copper West Roofing is one the most trusted, Licenced and bounded Roofing Contractors mainly based in Gilbert, AZ. Its Speciality to Repair and instal...

Mesa, Arizona, United StatesClosed Now
Review by Kevin Reid in USA
Excellent service from Copper West Roofing. He helped clarify many questions I had regarding Roofing Service. Highly Recommended.
American Roofing & Water Proofing
Rating 4.0

American Roofing &Water Proofing Based in Glendale, AZ known for expert in Roofing Inspection, Estimation, maintanance, Repair and installation an...

5210 W Missouri Ave, Mesa, Arizona, United StatesOpened Now
Review by Jason Marton in USA
Great Experience in Roofing, efficient communication and working skills, and really easy way support to have the right deal.
Romney Roofing
Rating 5.0

Romney Roofing is Experts in Flat Roof Services, Asphalt Shingles Roof Installation, Clay Tile Roof Cleaning, Clay Tile Roof Repair, Concrete Tile Roo...

1026 E Fairbrook Cir, Mesa, Arizona, United StatesClosed Now
Review by Edwin Asther in USA
I spoke with Romney Roofing, which provides excellent Roofing service, and took the time to answer Most of our questions but not all questions.
Romney Roofing

We are a roofing company proudly delivering high-quality work to the residents of the Phoenix area. We pride ourselves in our meticulous work and main...

1026 E Fairbrook Cir, Mesa, Arizona, United StatesOpened Now
The Roofing Company, Inc

Thank you for visiting us on City Local 101! With 36 years of trustworthy, reliable and consistent roofing services, The Roofing Company, Inc is dedic...

935 E Sorenson Cir, Mesa, Arizona, United StatesClosed Now

Best Roofing Services in Mesa, AZ

The hassle of finding a roofing contractor is now gone with the help of CityLocal101 who list the top-rated roof repair services for your ease! We have done our part and researched the best local roofers in Mesa, AZ so you don’t have to. Roof repair is already stressful, why add to your stress? We know exactly what to look for —licensing, insurance, warranty and all the boring (but important) stuff. Check out company information, follow through on their website, and scroll to see reviews! It’s that easy. Choose yours and get a quote today.  

Can I request a warranty for my roofing work?

Any good roofing company already provides a warranty on their roofing work. Make sure that the contractor you are hiring has this clause within their contract before you begin working with them.

What should be included in a roofing contract?

A roofing contractor should include the timeline for the work that is to take place along with costs and any hidden fees that were failed to mention in the first meeting. It should also include any insurance claim causes and warranty-related sections.

Can I negotiate the terms of a roofing contract?

You can negotiate the terms of a roofing contract and in fact, it is recommended that you thoroughly discuss what the contract entails before hiring a roofing contractor.