Certified Home Inspections Winchester TN

Certified Home Inspections

A house inspection may give you some negotiating power to reduce the price or request repairs of any identified issues before continuing with the sale. Whether your home is older or new construction, our residential home inspectors examine the structural integrity of the foundation and roof, plumbing and wiring safety, insulation value, and the safety of stairs, decks, balconies, and more. With 30 years of experience in the remodeling & construction business, we are well aware of all imaginable risks and now we're providing certified home inspections all over Winchester, TN.

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Radon Gas Inspection Winchester TN

Radon Gas Inspection

Before buying a property, ask about radon-resistant construction techniques to know the level of air quality. Radon level is above average in Winchester TN that makes radon gas inspection obligatory for each property to check air quality at that place. We use proactive detection methods and provide you with a comprehensive report. The report contains a summary of our findings with quality colored pictures, graphs, bullets, and short points for a better understanding. We help you assure that you are investing in the right property or not. Contact us!

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Thermal Imaging Winchester TN

Thermal Imaging Home Inspection

Weather-related damage and flooding, and subsequent mold growth, have increased the need for tools that can facilitate fast and accurate moisture investigations. Thermal Imaging home inspection AKA Infrared (IR) Inspection is the latest method to inspect detailed property risks that normal inspection doesn't show. We use IR inspection to detect the source of mold growth, moisture intrusions, malfunctioned heating & cooling systems, ceiling, floors, windows, doors, and air infiltration in walls. Get in touch in Winchester TN right away to get checklists and sample reports for a clear idea of our work!

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