Ceramic Coating Services Coral Gables FL

Ceramic Coating Services

If you are not satisfied with the shine of your car’s paint, you should get it checked. At Waxing the Competition, we offer affordable ceramic coating services in Coral Gables FL. We have access to quality chemicals. Moreover, our workers are trained to deliver the best possible shine. Get your car ceramic coated for supreme protection against UV rays and dirt. Call us now!

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Auto Detailing Services Coral Gables FL

Auto Detailing Services

Want to bring back your car to its showroom condition? How about getting it detailed by professionals? Waxing the Competition offers the best auto detailing services. We pay attention to minor details to bring that cleanness. No matter which vehicle you own, we will make it look like new. After a detailing job, you will be amazed by the look and finish of your vehicle. Contact us now!

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Paint Correction Services Coral Gables FL

Paint Correction Services

If you observe that your car paint is full of swirl marks, it's time for detailed paint correction. Let experts at Waxing the Competition make your cars paint surface even. For effective results, we thoroughly inspect the paint surface of every vehicle. We plan our paint correction strategy depending upon its condition. Once the corrections are done, the paint of your vehicle will become shinier and will have a smooth touch to it. Book a visit now!

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