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As the name suggests, Fresh Climate specializes in air cleaning services in Brooklyn, Almond, and Atlantic Beach NY. Whether they be dryer vents or air conditioners or ducts, we are able to clean everything which contributes to your building’s air cleanliness. Alongside, we also perform bird guard installations and fireplace and laundry cleaning services. Feel free to call us and experience the benefits of Fresh Climate!

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I recently called Fresh Climate to do the duct cleaning in our house because of my allergies. They were able to clean all the ducts in my house without making a mess in the house during the process, which was a concern of mine. The guys did an amazing job and walked me through the entire process. After everything was completely cleaned, they also sanitized all the vents. I never realized how much filth accumulates over the years and how hazardous that could be to your health. You'd be surprised at how much filth is stuck in your's gross. House smells great and my allergies have gotten a lot better, thanks guys! It's been a month since they came and it's made a huge difference. I can breathe better, I'm getting better sleep and I can rest assured knowing that we are breathing clean air in our house!! I would highly recommend them to my famiy and friends!


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