How‌ ‌Much‌ ‌Does‌ ‌It‌ ‌Cost‌ ‌To‌ ‌Rent‌ ‌A‌ ‌Limo‌ ‌For‌ ‌An‌ ‌Event‌ ‌

    Limo rental services

    The national average for a limo rental falls between $210-$350. Whether the cost you will pay at the end of your trip falls within this range or not is a totally different story. And that’s what we are going to talk about. This post is all about the cost to rent a limo for an event. 

    The majority of limo rental companies charge an hourly cost and have a minimum rental time of 3-4 hours. Weddings, birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, prom school field trips, sporting events, recitals, business vacation trips, meetings, and other formal or fun events can be made memorable by hiring limo services. Arrive in elegance for your next special occasion in high-end, chauffeured wheels to make first impressions great. 

    If you are worried about the costs and want to know the factors that affect the cost, we are here to help. Being one of the most trusted limo services in your area, we have seen it pretty much all there is. Our experts have compiled all the factors that affect the limo rental cost and if there are any ways you can bring the cost within your budget limits. 

    Type Of Vehicle 

    Well, this is a given. The more lavish your ride is, the more money you have to pay for it. All of the limo rental companies aim to recoup the investments they have made and earn profits. Part of their investment in the fleet. The price they paid to buy the limo and the money they paid to get it registered and licensed all need to be recouped. So the more they paid, the more hourly rate they will charge to their customers. 

    For instance, a 2018 stretch Cadillac Escalade could cost the company $150,000 whereas a vintage stretch Rolls Royce will cost more than $400,000. Thus a company will charge you accordingly. 

    If you are hiring a stretch limo for 8 people or fewer, be prepared to pay nearly $75 per hour. A ride in an SUV limo for the same number of people is $80 per hour. When you are booking a ride for yourself, make sure to compare the prices of different vehicles.

     Type of LimoNumber of PassengersCost Per Hour
     Town Car4 or fewer$60
     SUV8 or fewer$75
     Luxury sedan3-4$80
     Genesis G904 or fewer$90
     Suburban LT 6–8$95
     Cadillac Escalade6–8$105
     Ford Transit Van9 to 13$110
     Black Chrysler Limo9 to 12$115
     Small limo6-8$120
     Classic Car4 or fewer$120
     Sprinter Limo9 to 12$120
     Sprinter Limo XL13 to15$125
     Mercedes Executive Sprinter Van13 to15$125
     2018 Luxury Mini Bus20 to 24$130
     Luxury Mini Bus28 to 32$140
     Large limo10- 16$150
     Stretch limo13 - 20$150
     SUV limo13 - 20$150
     Party Bus20 to 24$150
     Mini Bus35$155
     Stretch Hummerup to 20$300
     Vintage Rolls Royceup to 4$799

    Hourly Charges 

    Most of the limo rental companies operating in the US break down their services into an hourly rate for different vehicles. The cost mainly depends on the current value of the car, the investment of the company, and its demand among customers. The more exotic car you pick; the more money you have to pay. 

    Hourly rates for some limo rental companies include chauffeur services to gas rates. Whereas some companies do not include the additional costs in the initial estimates but add them in the final payment. 

    When you are comparing quotes from different limo rental companies, we recommend you inquire about the additional costs and if they are added in the initial estimate or not. Some companies charge flat rates. There is no right or wrong way, all that matters are transparency with clients and good communication. 

    Specific Rates 

    If you are hiring a limo for special events such as sports events or concerts happening in your area or nearby, you will find that some companies charge specific rates for those particular rides. The flat rates include pick-up and drop-off services.  

    The best way to benefit from these deals is to invite over a group of friends and leave for the event together from one picking spot. You can get the party started in advance by getting some snacks and drinks at home. If you are planning to continue the party in the vehicle, you can always ask the company to get your ride pre-stocked with your favorite snacks. 

    When you are booking a ride with specific rates, keep in mind that these do not include the prices for airport pickups, additional stops, or long wait times. And in case the limo driver is supposed to meet and pick a passenger from the airport, you will have to pay for the parking ticket as well. 

    Time Of The Day 

    The cost of hiring a limo rental mainly depends on its demand at a certain hour. That is the reason the hourly rates for evening limo services and party bus rentals are higher as compared to daytime services. 

    If you want to enjoy an adventure in the limo and still not break your bank, plan ahead. Book your ride for a weekday afternoon to net the most savings from your trip. Be it a daytime spa trip with your ladies on the bachelorette or for a luxury limo ride for a birthday party in the park, this tip can save you a lot. 

    During holidays and special events, the costs can be higher even in the daytime. It can be a bit confusing to know the busiest hours on your own so contact the limo rental companies and ask for guidance. 

    Day Of The Week

    Again coming back to the demand rule, the limo rental costs are always higher on the weekends. You may have to pay double the amount for the same ride on a Saturday or Sunday as compared to other weekdays. The minimum number of hours is also higher for weekends. 

    As the costs are calculated by multiplying the hourly rate with the minimum number of hours, the ride will get costlier during the evenings of weekends. If possible, plan your special occasion and limo ride for Thursday night instead of Friday night. Conduct your research well for finding the minimum prices but beware of the companies who charge less for their subpar service. After all, you want to remember the event for all the good reasons. 

    Gratuity Policies 

    It’s a general rule and included in the basic ethics of getting a limo ride, you have to tip the chauffeur. It’s pretty common to offer 15-20% of the fare as gratuity. But the policies vary for different companies. 

    Some limo rental companies include the gratuity charges in the bill as a standard policy and you have to pay it in any case. While others leave the decision at the discretion of the passengers. If your chauffeur kept you safe, looked sharp in their uniform, and offered you great services, you must pay them the tip money. 

    Ensure to clarify beforehand whether the gratuity charges have already been included or you have the option to add it via credit card. Asking any of your concerns before you book the vehicle can help you avoid unpleasant surprises on the day of the ride. 

    Distance Covered And Location 

    A very important factor for limo rental cost is the location. The prices of hiring a limo rental are also associated with the living costs and the relative cost to do business in a particular area. If you are hiring from a busy neighborhood with high living costs, you have to pay more. For example, limo service for New York airports may cost you more than the same service in Topeka. 

    While the hourly rates are the main determinants in the final cost of your ride, the distance covered is also important. If you demand to go through unusual or longer routes, the services will cost you more. Several companies have predetermined routes and drivers stick to those rules. Any changes made on customer demand are more likely to increase the bill. 

    Event Packages 

    Limo rental services accommodate their customers to celebrate the special events of their life. Milestone events and special occasions like graduation, wedding, and prom are made more memorable for customers by offering event packages. 

    When you are hunting for that perfect ride and perfect plan for the day, search for the companies and their respective event packages instead of hourly rates. If you cannot find any specific details on the website but the company appears to be legit, call them and ask for their service packages. The best limo rental companies can also guide you to the optimum day, time, and vehicle type for particular requirements. 

    The more seating capacity you require, the better will be the rates for you. For example, prom packages with 20-person limo costs around $1600 whereas for the 10-person ride, expect to pay about $850.   

    Cleaning Fee

    Everyone likes to make the limo experience memorable but a little too much fun can cost you cleaning fees. If anyone in the party gets too rowdy and damages the upholstery or any other part of the vehicle, expect to pay hefty amounts for repairs and cleanups. The costs may vary based on the extend of the damage and the vehicle type. 

    The safest way is to ask your rental company whether the standard cleaning costs are included in the package. Inquire about the damages that can cost you money. Be clear about the types of penalties for actions such as smoking and spilling drinks in the car. Almost every group has some smokers so do not miss out on these important details. 

    The general cleaning fee for luxury limos is around $150 whereas the repairs totally depend on the extent of damage and customers have to pay the entire cost.  

    Bar Stocking 

    Partying and drinking go hand in hand. And limo manufacturers designed these luxury cars for the maximum entertainment, safety, and comfort of the passengers. So most limos have a bar inside!

    You can request the limo company to stock it for you for an additional fee. Some customers prefer to bring their own drinks but make sure to ask if that is allowed. The companies that allow bringing your own drinks, often charge an additional fee for that. 

    If you are traveling with minors, be very careful about drinking. In most US states, the drivers are held responsible if any of the minor limo occupants are found drinking. That’s why almost all of the companies have zero-tolerance policies about minor drinking in their vehicles. 

    Check The License And Certification Requirements 

    It may come as a surprise for you but some states require drivers to have chauffeur licenses while others do not. Whichever state you are residing in, get to know the state requirements. If you are living in a state where the license is required and you are found traveling in a company driven by unlicensed individuals, things can get a little rough. 

    For those who are planning to hire a limo for a party, check if the driver is required to have a commercial driver’s license. Get in touch with the most reputed companies in your area and talk about the certification requirements. The best companies can guide you about the standard policies and will be ready to provide you a proof.  

    Know Your Payment Options Before Taking The Ride

    The payment options vary for different limo rental companies. In some states of the US, you must be 21 years of age or older to hire a limo, even when you are not driving it. So if you have booked a limo for your prom night, you have to request your parents to make the transaction. Moreover, inquire about the policies for securing the time and date for your ride. Many companies ask for a 50% deposit for that! 

    Paying the gratuity charges also differs. Ask whether you can pay the amount in cash at the end or you require a credit card. Be clear about their policies or else you may end up paying the charges twice. 

    We have included some useful tips in this article to save you money for your next limo rental ride. But it’s imperative to choose the right company. Smart hiring can help you save money, be safe on your ride, and have fun. We highly recommend you read client reviews and follow-up references to make sure you are making the right choices. 

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