Understand All About the Difference Between Lawn Care and Landscaping

    a man working in a lawn

    Are you someone who loves taking care of your outdoor spaces or lawn area? Are you someone who loves a good piece of landscape and wishes to implement it on your own lawn? Well, what most people do not understand is the fact that an interest in lawn care is different from landscaping. 

    It is common for people to confuse between the two as the difference between lawn care and landscaping is understood clearly only by a few. People often use the terms interchangeably.

    If you are someone who is about to start a business in any of these fields or have the interest to get one of these done, then you must know the clear difference between lawn care and landscaping. The following points shall be of help.


    To know the essential difference between lawn care and landscaping, we must understand the definition of both. Let’s start with lawn care to know what lawn care vs. landscaping really is:

    As the term very well suggests, Lawn Care is essentially taking care of a piece of the lawn but encompasses several activities and tasks within it. Lawn care has much to do with the maintenance of a lawn space including maintaining the health of the turf. Some of the tasks which one must do to maintain a lawn or a turf include:

    • Applying fertilizer when required-Every lawn requires nutrients to grow and for this purpose, a lawn care company should regularly apply fertilizers for a green and lush lawn.
    • Make sure that the turf is healthy-A lawn care company or individual must be able to identify damage to leaves and branches and other signs of deteriorating turf health and should be able to implement corrective practices to improve lawn health.
    • Using pest control to curb the presence of pests-There are many kinds of pests that can grow in any lawn and some include ticks, mosquitoes, and grubs. A lawn care company must be able to remove these or prohibit their growth.
    • Make sure that the lawn or turf is properly aerated-to keep the lawn disease-free, the turf must be aerated and fungicides must be applied regularly.
    • Mowing- Mowing is also part of lawn care.

    One must understand that if you are just looking for someone to mow the grass for you, then you don’t have to look for lawn care service but rather a simple lawn maintenance provider or individual.


    When one is trying to understand the difference between lawn care and landscaping, understanding the definition of landscaping is important too. Landscaping is nothing but the beautification of outdoor space. This includes not just the lawn but also grass, pathways, and even the flowerbeds. These days, landscaping has become very important to commercial properties because a good-looking landscape can send out a good message and attract buyers.

    A landscaping company may include several professionals, each performing different duties such as landscape design, landscape planning, landscape architecture, etc.  The following are some aspects of landscaping that will help you understand the difference between lawn care and landscaping:

    • Design-landscape design can be understood as the exterior version of interior designing.  Design helps to look like an outdoor space is beautiful. This may include choosing which plants will look good where making a design of the space and then adding individual elements to it etc.
    • The planting-another aspect of landscaping which will make lawn care vs. landscaping clear to you is planting.  This part is something that brings alive any outdoor space as it has much to do with knowledge of plants and trees. It deals with choosing and placing plants in such a way that the appeal of the space improves.
    • Trimming- trimming is another part of landscaping. This is something which has to be done from time to time in order to maintain a garden or lawn space. It also deals with the removal of debris or unwanted plant elements from a landscape to enhance its beauty.
    • Mulching-mulching is an activity that provides nutrients to the plants of the landscape as they are in the breakdown phase.

    So now that you know the major difference between lawn care and landscaping, you can decide which service you would like to avail for your space or which service you are capable of providing your customers. Also, if you are a service provider, then it is important to explain the difference between the two to the customers so that they don’t opt for the wrong service. 

    Lawn care and landscaping are two important aspects of outdoor beautification and there are several service providers out there who provide each of these services. So, when opting for any of these, make sure you make the decision carefully. For finding the best lawn care professionals visit CityLocal 101