How To Hide Electrical Cords on Hardwood Floors?

    Image of an electrical cord

    Electrical cords have become common since the electronic revolution and whether you like it or not, they’ve created their space quickly. Nowadays you can easily find many types of cords running on the floors and they don’t really present a pleasant look every time. There are different kinds of cords that you can find in every home, for example, the internet cord, telephone cord, mobile cords, cords for the TV, and several others.

    The reason why these cords have to stay on the floor not underground is because of their unique use. The whole house is designed in such a specific way that if you want to hide electrical cords on hardwood floors, then there are two main things you would need to focus on. One plan for utilities in advance. Second, devise a plan to hide the cords and cables in an efficient way. 

    If you want to provide the internet or add another extra TV, then you must use cables if you can’t use wireless technology. You might have observed an overhead cable pathway in any of the commercial buildings. Since the aesthetic of most workplaces isn’t that much important the cables can be transported through such a pathway.

    However, the interior of an office and home are quite different. You would need a completely different approach to hide exposed wires efficiently and for that, the points below can help you for sure. 

    Get Ready to Explore and Invest

    How to hide electrical cords on hardwood floors? Are you researching for this query?  If you just installed a brand-new hardwood floor and didn’t plan for the utility cables and cords, then you better get ready to invest in hiding cables. If you are unaware of the state of the cords, then they won’t give a welcoming look, especially if they cross either you’re sitting or the dining areas.

    Sometimes they are easy to avoid because of getting hidden under the floor, but this does not happen always. That’s why you should search for options that allow you to hide the prominent cables.

    First of all, you should find adequate ways to hide cords on a floor and there can be many, but only one must be picked. You can opt to explore online and come up with a purchase plan quite easily. 

    Consult an Expert

    The presence of cables and cords can be very annoying if you have them scattered all over the floor. Dealing with such a situation isn’t always that easy. That’s why if you don’t have an idea how to tackle such a situation, then it is better you consult an expert before going any further.

    The experts in this profession are well aware of such demands and know multiple ways to satisfy such needs. They have seen such scenarios before this and coming up with a unique idea to conceal your cords is quite easy for them.

    That’s why before you think about investing in some cable hiding products, it is highly recommended to consult a professional or in other words an expert. This approach will not only hide your cords but will protect your money as well. 

    D-Line Floor Cord Cover

    Cable covers are an excellent solution and they can help you hide away your cables effectively. This specific cover is recommended by professionals because of its ability to easily withstand any kind of ambiance.

    When you install a cord cover on the floor, it is commonly considered a part of the floor and mostly you step on it and sometimes even wash it together with the floor. That’s exactly why you need a solution that would wipe away your worries forever.

    It is an excellent solution because it is flexible and protects your cords for a very long time. It is a PVC-based cover and is easily available in a variety of colors. Keep in mind that it can only hold a limited number of cords. 

    Wiremold Floor Cord Management System

    It is another effective solution for covering the floor that not only perfectly hides your cords but also protects them for a very long period of time. It is extremely resilient and has the capacity to cover several standard cables.

    The best advantage of using a Wire mold solution is that it creates an even or trip-free surface, which makes it a great choice for a home of kids. It can tightly hold the scattered wires and comes in a variety of colors. That’s why it can easily go along with a variety of floors quite easily.

    The only limitation probably this covering solution has is the installation. Because it may require excessive strength for flattering during installation.

    X-Protector Over-Floor Cord Protector

    If you are looking for a general-purpose cord protector or cover, then this is an excellent pick. It is built in a specific manner having a top silicone surface that aids you in straightening the twisted cables without hot water. In addition, it comes with a preinstalled adhesive that helps you tuck away the cords quite easily. Since it is available only in black and transparent color, it can’t be freely applied to any kind of floor. 

    As you’ve seen that there are a number of products available in the market that can help you cover up the cords on the floor. However, the right solution must be selected based on the specific type of floor. If you don’t know what kind of cover would be an ideal choice, then it is suggested that you take the advice of an expert before making an investment.

    Covering up your cords and cables might be tricky but not impossible. All you need is an adequate covering solution that you can afford easily. If you are unsure of your selection, then consult an expert anytime you need. This concludes the discussion about how to hide electrical cords on hardwood floors? Visit CityLocal101 for hiring the best electricians nearby.