How to Save Money on Carpet Cleaning

    Image of a vacuum placed on a blue carpet

    Carpeted floors give your room or house a luxurious look, but carpeted floors require extra maintenance. No matter how clean you keep your carpets, you still need a professional carpet cleaning once a year. It is not a good option to clean your carpet yourself as it requires time and effort, and you do not have the proper resources. 

    Carpet cleaning can be expensive, but every carpet cleaner does not take the same amount to clean your carpet. There are many ways to avoid extra cleaning charges, and here are some tips that can help you save money on carpet cleaning.

    Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly

    Talking about the money-saving tips for carpet cleaning, vacuuming your carpet regularly will help you increase professional carpet cleaning intervals. Vacuuming helps in maintaining your carpet by removing the dust particles deeply. If these dust particles are not removed, they get stuck into the carpet's fibers and damage it with time.

    Vacuuming regularly will keep your carpet safe from hard stains and help you save the cost of deep cleaning. According to professionals, you must vacuum your carpet at least once a week.

    Keep Your Carpet as Clean as Possible

    It is not wise to clean your carpet only when extremely dirty. Instead, you should protect your carpet from getting dirty by taking precautionary measures. Drinks are mostly likely to get spilled and stain your carpet. You can avoid such mishaps by covering the drinks container or not taking the drinks in the carpeted rooms.

    You can protect your carpet to a great extent by not allowing shoes on the carpet. You can also use carpet runners or entrance mats to protect your carpets. By following all the above-mentioned precautionary measures, you can prevent your carpet from getting extra dirty, and you won’t need professional carpet cleaning frequently and hence will be able to save money on carpet cleaning.

    Clean Your Carpet by Yourself

    Cleaning your carpet by yourself is not a bad option. It will save you a lot of money. If you looking for the query how to make carpet cleaning less expensive? You must know that according to a survey, an average carpet cleaning can cost you up to $600, and some people cannot afford this amount. A carpet cleaning machine can cost you up to $50, and it is only a one-time investment. Now, many companies allow you to rent these machines for some hours, which is even less than $50.

    But it does not mean that you will never need a professional carpet cleaner. Cleaning your carpet will increase the interval between carpet cleanings, but to get your carpet deep cleaned, you still need a professional carpet as this also comes under the tips for saving money on carpet cleaning.

    Consider Spot Cleaning

    Knowing when you need a professional carpet cleaner is very important. Sometimes your carpet is only stained in specific areas, and for such situations, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars for professional cleaning.

    You can clean such stains at home. Drop some water at the stained area. Now take a clean white cloth and blot it on the stained area. Do not rub the carpet as it will further damage the carpet. You can see the cloth absorbing the stain. Continue to blot until there is no stain on the carpet. If this technique does not help you to remove the stain, then there are many detergents available for specific kinds of stains that you can use.

    Clean The Spill As Soon As Possible & save money on carpet cleaning

    If there is any spill, then clean it as soon as possible. Do not wait for the spill to dry, as it will get absorbed deeply into the carpet, which will make it difficult to clean the stain. Clean the stain when it is still wet with soap water. There are high chances of no stain or a very dull stain left if clean on time. This way, your carpet will not get dirty too early, and you do not have to get it cleaned by professionals so frequently.

    Wait For Sale Season

    Many carpet cleaning services offer discounts at the end of the summer season or winter season. Wait for such sales as it will help you to save some money. Even some companies offer to clean your couch or rugs for free if you hire their carpet cleaning service.

    Replace The Carpet

    Make sure you will know when you have to change your carpet. Getting a worn-out carpet cleaned can cost you less than replacing it. A new carpet will save a lot of costs as you do not need to get a brand-new carpet cleaned for years which can save a lot of cleaning costs.

    Protect this new carpet and maintain it well by preventing it from damage. Do not slide heavy furniture on it as it severely damages the carpet. If there is any construction or renovation in your house, remove the carpet; otherwise, carpets get too dirty in such environments.

    Remove The Carpets

    If you have a good budget and think of replacing your carpet, then replacing them with tiles or wood flooring is a good option. Tiles or wood flooring are long-lasting. Tiles or wood flooring are expensive, but it will save you from every year carpet cleaning, maintenance, and replacing cost

    A Bonus Tip

    Here is a bonus tip about how to save money on carpet cleaning by professionals. Here are some tips that can help you to save some more money.

    • Usually, the per square foot of a carpet determines its final charges. You can do exact measurements to save some money, so there are no mistakes because sometimes professional cleaners do not take the measurements correctly.
    • Some areas of your carpet are as clean as new, so you do not have to waste money on already clean areas. These are mostly the areas covered by furniture and the areas where there is no traffic. So, focus on such areas that are dirty and are commonly used.
    • If you move the furniture on your carpet by yourself and make the carpet cleaning for professionals easy, then there is a chance that they will give you a discount. 


    You can save a lot of money from carpet cleaning by following the tips for saving money on carpet cleaning. When you search for professionals against the query of how to make carpet cleaning less expensive? always remember to hire qualified professionals to clean your carpet, as inexperienced cleaners can damage your carpet or make it a complete mess. For finding the best service providers visit a free directory such as CityLocal 101