How to Reset Whirlpool Ice Maker?

    Image of an Ice Maker

    Whirlpool ice makers are in huge demand in the market. Customers prefer this brand because of its automatic ice freezing feature. One does not have to fill ice trays with water, again and again, to get ice in large quantities. The problem is that this feature sometimes stops working and we need to reset the ice maker. So, it becomes functional again.

    Meanwhile, everyone is not familiar with the technique of resetting this electronic device. In this article, we will learn how to reset the whirlpool ice maker more easily. 

    There are four different methods of resetting the whirlpool ice maker to bring it again in working condition. We will discuss those techniques in detail.

    Find Reset Button

    Each model of whirlpool ice maker has a different locating position. If you face any kind of difficulty in finding the reset button then it is better to read the user manual. If you have lost that guide then still it is not a situation to panic. Meanwhile, you will find a solution on the internet just mentioning the model number is important.

    There are a few models which have their reset button at the top of ice trays. Most of the models have their reset button at the bottom of the ice maker unit.

    Press Reset Button

    After finding the location of the reset button just press it to reset your appliance. Once you press the button hold it for a few seconds. You will hear a beep sound that shows the completion of the process. Leave the button after hearing this sound. The unit ice maker will reset completely and it will start working again.

    Make Adjustment of Feeler Arm

    An ice maker contains a metal or plastic rod, that is called a feeler arm. This rod plays an important role in maintaining the level of ice. It works by moving up and down inside the ice maker depending on the level of ice. If its position is at a higher point then that means the ice maker is not working anymore to make more ice.

    One needs to adjust its position to reset your electronic device. The feeler arm senses performance and delivers a message to the control unit about giving a break to the ice-making process. Meanwhile, it also happens that this rod gets stuck at some position and becomes unable to properly work. Here one needs to lose its position to make it functional again. You can take help from the following instructions if the feeler arm stops working:

    • Find the location of the feeler arm of your ice maker. You can take help from the user manual.
    • Use little force to push the feeler arm down if it gets stuck.

    Feeler arm will loosen and the flow of the water will start to the water reservoir. Most likely, the process will complete here and the ice maker will start filling up with water again.

    Switch Ice Maker to On/Off

    Sometimes making use of the reset button and adjusting the feeler arm does not properly work. Still, you have the option of turning it off and on. Follow the given steps for turning the icemaker off and on:

    • Find the position of the on/off switch.
    • Look for the button under the ice tray.
    • Carefully remove the ice tray after finding it along with its cover plate.
    • Switch off for a few minutes.
    • Switch on
    • Place the cover tray and its cover back into their positions

    Other than the above-mentioned steps one needs to clean ice makers for at least twice a month. This will help in enhancing its performance. The stopping of ice makers is an indication of total storage. Caring is important for saving from malfunctioning. Sometimes contraction of hard water with sensors becomes the reason for stopping. You can use some vinegar and water for fixing the issue.

    Furthermore, removing the ice tray and cover plate is important at the time of switching off to clean completely. You can use a piece of cloth and some neutral detergent for cleaning. Dry the space inside of your ice maker using a cloth. Do not use sponges and scouring pads for cleaning. Some precautions are given below while cleaning.

    Precautions to Reset Whirlpool Ice Maker

    • Steam cleaners can go wrong.
    • Avoid using concentrated detergents.
    • Steel wool can damage the ice maker.
    • Do not try to remove the serial plate.
    • Safe water from electrical parts, drainage channels, and the ventilation grills.

    Pull Out Plug - Reset Whirlpool Ice Maker

    If all the above-mentioned methods do not work then try resetting the whole unit. One of the finalist ways to reset the whirlpool ice maker is to pull out its plug. Follow the given instructions to unplug your electronic appliance.

    • Pull the plug out from the socket.
    • Wait for 10 minutes and place the plug back in the socket.
    • Press feeler arms twice after turning it on.

    After completing these steps, the ice tray of your ice maker will fill up with water again. Start enjoying the freezing of ice again.


    After applying all these methods make sure your ice maker works properly. If it does not happen then there would be some other problem. There can be a faulty valve issue, mechanical problem, or electrical issue.

    Here you need to call a qualified technician who identifies the problem and resolves it. The experts will better guide you about the reason to stop working. Sometimes electronic appliances require more than resetting because of a complex problem. That issue only qualified technicians can resolve. So, it is better to call them as soon as possible to have enough ice for you and your friends’ gatherings.

    Moreover, ice makers are one of the basic components of a kitchen. Even if one is not having special occasions in a home, they should never undervalue the importance of this device. It is good to make efforts of your own when you find problems in the refilling of ice trays.

    But when one finds that things can turn into an unfavorable situation then immediately call an experienced person for repair. It feels good when you find convenience in your tasks such as in our case to reset a whirlpool ice maker and your necessities get in order again. Find the best professional yet inexpensive appliance repair companies at CityLocal 101