5 Expert Tips To Avoid Common Air Conditioning Installation Mistakes

    Expert Tips To Avoid Common Air Conditioning Installation Mistakes

    When there are summers, and you are doing lots of summer chores, it becomes really difficult to live without an air conditioner. Even if you have already installed an AC the last summer, there is always a chance that it won’t be working this summer and you will have to go for its tuning. These problems arise when there is an error in the installation. 

    If you want to make your summers more pleasant, having a functional air conditioner is a must for you. No matter, if you are planning to install a window AC, or it is an HVAC system that is under consideration, you must install it carefully, so that there is no installation mistake. 

    Expert Tips To Avoid Common AC Installation Mistakes

    There are some common blunders that a novice air conditioning installer can make during your ac installation. Because of these mistakes, not only the functionality of your air conditioner is affected but it might also result in a sudden spike in your energy consumption, thus ending up in high energy bills. Given below are some of our expert recommended Residential AC repair &  installation tips that help you to make your home cool and comfortable without any error. 

    Do Not Install It In A Sunny Spot

    This is probably the most ignorant mistake that one makes during the installation of air conditioners. Specifically, if you are installing a window AC, the location is everything. You must choose a location where it does not have to work harder to cool the air around. If your AC has to work harder, it disturbs its efficiency which costs you a lot later. If it is an outdoor unit, you must make sure that there is no obstruction in the airflow. There are no trees, shrubs, or flowers present around it as they can block the airflow and it will take more time to cool the air. 

    Do Not Install It Near Home Appliances

    It is another mistake that most homeowners make when installing air conditioning units in their homes. If there are heating appliances installed near your AC, the sensors in the AC will automatically pick up the temperature and it will disrupt the functioning of the AC. It would be even better if you use black curtains in the room so that the temperature of the room is already low and your air conditioner does not have to work harder. 

    Do No Set Its Thermostat Too Low

    When you are initially installing your AC, you can ask your technician to set your thermostat at a nominal level. You may think that you can tolerate the hot weather, and adjust the thermostat two low which is just not dangerous for your cooling unit but it is also an environmental hazard. The human body adapts to temperature change too quickly, so make sure that you do not adjust the thermostat too low. 

    Take Size Necessity Into Consideration

    There are different sizes of air conditioners available in the market. You have to be very cautious about the design because if you buy a larger than the actual need, it will create a humidity issue and if you buy a smaller one, the cooling needs of your room will not be fulfilled. Your air conditioner contractor can guide you better according to the size of the room. 

    Do Not Ignore Basic Maintenance

    This is another mistake that most homeowners do after installing air conditioning in their room. If you want to improve the efficiency of your ac along with extending its life, you must never ignore its basic day-to-day maintenance. It would be wise to keep on replacing the air filters with the new ones at least every two months and clean the coil at least once a year. 

    Bottom Line!

    By avoiding all these mistakes, you can keep your ac running smoothly for years to come.