Home Inspection Services Charlotte NC

Home Inspection Services

When you buy a house, it is always recommended to get a property inspection done by a team of reliable house inspectors who are certified in general home inspection services. House purchasing is always exciting but comes with a heavy investment behind it. Our complete residential inspection includes electrical, plumbing, roofing, cladding, HVAC, structural and foundational inspections. At Northlake Home Inspections, we are thrilled to provide our services to the residents of Charlotte NC.

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Pre Sale Home Inspection Charlotte NC

Pre Sale Home Inspection

The house seller or the listings agent has the responsibility of fencing a pre-sale home inspection of a house before marking it “for sale”. It develops an inspection report about the condition of the property and has a list of all the potential problems that might be in that property. Being a member of inspector nations, Northlake Home inspections takes full responsibility for inspecting our client’s house. We leave no aspect during our presale inspection and form a calculated, easy to read the report, that helps the buyer better analyze their decision. Call us!

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Pre-Dry Wall Inspection Charlotte NC

Pre-Dry Wall Inspection

Have you already booked the furniture and wall paints for your newly constructed house? Then it is advised to book an independent pre-drywall inspection before proceeding to the lock-up phase of house construction. At Northlake Home Inspections, we are offering the services of our skilled and experienced staff for thorough drywall inspection. Additionally, our professionals will inspect every nook and corner to ensure the durability of your dry-wall. Contact us now to book our drywall inspection services today!

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