As 3D Built Model Services Manhattan NY

As 3D Built Model Services

VAM Global offers a comprehensive As-Built 3D model to help you control your assets from any platform, anywhere in the world. Our on-site capture of As-built modeling not only takes beautiful images; in the form of Revit, CAD, or SketchUp models, our dimensionally accurate point cloud data can help you quickly create As-builts. We have experts who can also train your teams on our systems and products so that our services and offerings can be of maximum value to you. Book an appointment now to get a demo.

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Drone 3D Mapping Services Manhattan NY

Drone 3D Mapping Services

We provide reliable 3D drone mapping services to locals in Manhattan NY. We have the latest drone technology to collect valuable data such as LiDAR, photogrammetry, and infrared imagery. These valuable data can be useful for a variety of surveys, inspections, and job site documentation. We will also provide you with grade survey information that is not visible from the ground to help you save time, improve communication and reduce costs.

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Virtual Site Survey Services Manhattan NY

Virtual Site Survey Services

Are you tired of visiting your sites physically? Well, stop wasting time and get help from VAM Global’s footprint. We provide virtual site survey services to capture 3D Digital Twins so that you can take detailed tours of your interior and exterior right from your desk. We are fully equipped with the latest technology equipment and have an expert team to provide you professional virtual site survey services. Find us at the top while searching for ‘virtual site survey service near me’ in Manhattan NY.

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