Residential Plumbing Services Hawthorne CA

Residential Plumbing Services

Leaking pipes, faucet installation, toilet tank repair, you name it, our residential plumbing services cover it! We are the best plumbing company in all of Hawthorne CA. Our plumbers are honest people with high morals and even higher skill-set. You can put your trust in us and call our Local plumbing services at any time. We are open 24-hours!

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Shower Cartridges Installation Hawthorne CA

Shower Cartridges Installation

If you have given your bathroom a makeover and are now in the phase of re-attaching everything, you might experience some problem in shower cartridges installation. Well, fret not! We are here to assist you in that! Our best plumbing service experts are renowned for their residential plumbing services. Call us for shower cartridges installation or repair!

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Electric Water Heater Installation Hawthorne CA

Electric Water Heater Installation

Electric water heaters are such a necessary household item. We often recommend our clients to get it done by a professional company for the best electric water heater installation, like us! If an electric heater is not installed correctly, it doesn’t work efficiently and ends up wasting a lot of electricity and increases your bills.

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Mr. Harris Plumbing & Handyman Service

(4.5) 2 Reviews

They offer excellent services that are performed by highly skilled and honest professionals that are a part of their team. I was super satisfied with...

(5.0) By Joel K Wilson Date: 02-03-2021

Their customer service is excellent. Their plumbers are knowledgeable and professional, and prices are fair. I trust them. I had called another local...

(4.0) By Belva R Toole Date: 11-03-2021

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