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Complete Rewiring Services Houston TX

Complete Rewiring Services

With poor rewiring comes vulnerability. Your wires in your home will be more prone to overheating. FYI Electrical & Remodeling provides reliable complete rewiring services in Houston TX. Advanced layering will be used to keep you protected for longer, and more contemporary approaches will be taken to install your wiring. Call us to avail of our services!

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Panel Replacements Service Houston TX

Panel Replacements Service

Get your electrical panels replaced today at reasonable rates! A new electrical panel guarantees that your home's energy supply remains constant. Not only will you be able to stop issues like flickering lights and burned-out appliances, but you will also be able to add more appliances without tripping your breaker. FYI Electrical & Remodeling is providing panel replacement service in Houston TX. We also provide complete rewiring services.

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Electrical Car Chargers Installation Houston TX

Electrical Car Chargers Installation

If you have an electrical car then you can definitely benefit from our electrical car charger’s installation. The technicians at FYI Electrical & Remodeling are skilled, since we are in business for 20 years. With our extensive experience, we ensure to provide you the best service at reasonable rates. Call us!

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FYI Electrical & Remodeling

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For days I was experiencing a wire heating problem, by consulting FYI Electrical & Remodeling, I came to know that it could lead to fire hazards. Thei...

(5.0) By Thomas D Sachs Date: 07-05-2020

I consulted FYI Electrical & Remodeling for whole-house rewiring because of the sudden electric voltage fluctuation and wire melting problems. They we...

(5.0) By Lillie F Domingue Date: 15-04-2020

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