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Fireplace Restoration New Canaan CT

Fireplace Restoration

Fireplace restoration has a lot of benefits. Firstly, a fireplace that is damaged or clogged can increase the electricity bills drastically. Therefore, getting your fireplace restored can save you these costs, and we excel at restoring damaged fireplaces. Secondly, getting the fireplace chimney crown repaired can save you, and your house, from getting burned. And we can do that easily. Our firplace restoration costs are affordable; and our service providers are experts. Call us today!

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Chimney Cleaning Services New Canaan CT

Chimney Cleaning Services

A clogged chimney has reduced diameter that can effect its flow. Therefore, we can clean your chimneys so that they can work flawlessly. Also, rains can cause waterdamage to chimneys, that can cause substantial damage. But fret not! We can repair the chimney leakage, and can also do a chimney cap installation, so to protect the chimney from rains. We are a professional chimney contractor, that can provide comprehensive chimney services. No matter whether your chimney is a custom chimney or a reline chimney, we can work with them all. Call us today!

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Pellet Stove Installation New Canaan CT

Pellet Stove Installation

A pellet stove emits less CO2, but if it is faulty then its performance suffers. This can be due to uncleaned oil flues. Also, cleaning a pellet stove isn’t easy, and requires professional help. So, for that, you can hire us. We provide professional pellet stove reparing and cleaning, we also clean oil flues to keep them working flawlessly. For installing a pellet stove, the price we charge is extremely affordable. Call us!

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My Chimney Guy LLC

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My experience with My Chimney Guy was amazing. I was having issues with my fireplace, and so I decided to hire My Chimney Guy to look at it. It is saf...

(5.0) By Alison D. White Date: 07-21-2020

Somedays ago my fireplace needed repair and my friend suggested to me My Chimney Guy and I am thankful he did. I got full value for my money and an ef...

(4.0) By Veronica K. Reynolds Date: 04-08-2021

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