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Brick And Block Construction Brooklyn NY

Brick And Block Construction

Bricks and blocks are dense materials with a high compressive strength that are used to build solid masonry structures. So, if you are also looking for brick and block construction at your property considering their durability and strength, call us. As a trusted brick and block construction company, our years of experience and dedication to perfection shows in our work. All of our professionals are highly adept concrete builders who strive to provide quality craftsmanship and customer service.

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Tuckpointing Services Brooklyn NY

Tuckpointing Services

We keep your home's structural integrity secure by using tuckpointing. Tuck-pointing is the most efficient way of reestablishing structural integrity and sealing out moisture when the mortar on a chimney begins to crack. So, if you have detected the deterioration of the mortar on your chimney, contact Primecity Contracting & Restoration ASAP to avoid any major structural issues to your home. Our experts can perform quality chimney services, including tuck-pointing and chimney rebuilding.

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Concrete Block Wall Repair Brooklyn NY

Concrete Block Wall Repair

Broken concrete walls may have devastating long-term consequences. This can lead to structural problems in your house if it isn't resolved. Primecity Contracting & Restoration provides cost-effective solutions to concrete block wall repair. Our foundation repair experts will perform an inspection of your basement, your main level, and also the top floors of the house, looking for signs of a structural problem and provide effective repair solutions. Get in touch with us ASAP.

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Primecity Contracting & Restoration Inc

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Primecity Contracting & Restoration experts offered the finest brick and block construction services. They have the most experience and are the most k...

(5.0) By Clarence M. Newman Date: 02-24-2021

I called Primecity Contracting & Restoration last week for a brick and block construction service, and I am extremely pleased with the inexpensive and...

(4.0) By James A. Foss Date: 01-04-2021

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