Powerful Self Love and Moon Rituals McKinney TX

Powerful Self Love and Moon Rituals

Don’t let your relationships fail because you don’t love yourself enough. Somewhere along your life, you learned to punish yourself and run away or destroy connections that would actually make you happy? You don’t need a magic spell to get your lover reunited through a powerful love spell. You need to learn to love yourself more and expect yourself for who you truly are! Join my self love ritual workshop online or in-person and create a New You! So, what are you waiting for? Email me for more information!

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Energy Healing McKinney TX

Energy Healing

Everything is energy! We are alive because of the electronic vibration and frequency generated by our own breath in other worlds prana or life force energy. This energy is in absolutely everything and accessible to everyone. I channel this Pranic Energy through my hands and gently charge your nadi points in your energy body. I am also able to send energy to you and heal you even when I am not next to you. However, this healing technique is way better experienced in person as a session is about 90 min and is incredibly relaxing. Experience this rejuvenation today!

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Past Life Regression McKinney TX

Past Life Regression

Past Life Travel is a deep hypnotic meditation. I use pranic energy to put you in a state where you are fully awake and aware of your outside surroundings still in very deep meditation. Our soul is on an infinite journey. Each life gives us the opportunity to retry, heal past hurt, and overcome fears. Past life regression will help you to forgive, oversee past connections, find out hidden information or secrets and see how those timelines are affecting you today. You will feel liberated from fear, pain, anxiety. Do you feel a calling? Then book your session!

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