Check Engine Light Dallas TX

Check Engine Light

Your onboard computer diagnostic system monitors vehicle operations, with your check engine monitoring your emissions. As you may already know, emissions in the automotive industry refer to the harmful gasses that your vehicle releases into the environment. Most manufacturers and states have laws in place regulating the number of emissions emitted from your car. These regulations include monitoring your vehicle’s systems in order to tell you if your car or truck is emitting too much pollution. This is why we consider the check engine light the most misunderstood indicator on your dashboard. A check engine light could indicate something as simple as you leaving your gas cap off or something as serious as an engine misfire. If you are experiencing a Check Engine Light, Elite Auto Solution is here to help.

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AC & Heating Services Dallas TX

AC & Heating Services

If you’ve ever experienced AC issues in your car or truck, you know how uncomfortable driving can be, especially in the midst of summer. If you turn your AC all the way up and it still isn’t offering relief from the heat, there’s a reason. Don’t settle for driving with the windows down, sweating from the humidity and sun. At Elite Auto Solution, we specialize in automotive AC repair and can help you get back to traveling comfortably again. If you are experiencing any of these problems, Elite Auto Solution has trained experts ready to diagnose your HVAC system, make an appointment today!

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Auto Electrical Services Dallas TX

Auto Electrical Services

Most mechanical functions nowadays depend on electrical components. Your car is controlled by a complex network of wires, sensors, and computers working together. If communication along these wires is interrupted, it could have major consequences for several components of your vehicle. If your vehicle seems to be having any electrical problems, the dedicated professionals at Elite Auto Solution are ready to hear from you. At Elite Auto Solution, we focus on an honest, transparent, service-centered approach that keeps our customers behind the wheel when it comes to the health of their vehicles. We’re ready to assess your car or truck and get you back on the road as quickly, safely and affordable as possible.

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