Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips You Can Do Yourself: Ultimate Guide

    Air Conditioning Repair

    The air conditioner is one of the major summer appliances that can be easily found in homes across the country. Like any other appliance, it has its unique benefits and it has to be maintained in a very specific way. Otherwise, the energy bills can increase greatly. The best part of having an air conditioner is that limited maintenance can be done personally rather than hiring experts.

    Because hiring experts is not always the best choice or else it would burden your account unnecessarily. That’s why personal effort is highly desired before you plan to hire the best air conditioner repair in town. Below you can find some of the most common tips to restore the efficiency of your cooling unit.

    Set a Budget

    Budgeting is absolutely mandatory no matter what type of project you have in mind. It is a way to finance the project activities. Even if you are not hiring an expert, you are still going to need supplies to do it yourself. Don’t worry though, doing the maintenance all by yourself doesn’t mean that you need heavy investment.

    You might need air conditioning cleaning equipment, filters, etc. The good thing about doing it yourself means that it is a one-time investment for residential AC repair and most of the stuff can be easily used again. You can use it over years and keep cleaning the air conditioners without spending too much money. The routine maintenance cost might not seem too much, but you’d be surprised if you just multiply it by the number of units and with the years.  

    Do it in Time

    There’s always a specific time for everything and air conditioner repair isn’t different at all. That’s why the repair timing matters a lot and the sooner you act the better it is for your appliance. The air conditioner or any other appliance doesn’t stop working instantly, but it takes a lot of time before the appliance gives up. If you know a few things about the air conditioner, then you’d know that the efficiency of the air conditioner gradually drops down.

    So, when the best time to carry out repair activities is to do it in time. Whether there’s a common or a specific cause disturbing the appliance, it must be dealt with immediately. Acting in time to take care of air conditioner issues helps you save a lot of money because if the problem is left as, it is, then it will become worse over time.  

    Don’t Overload the Cables and Breaker

    A lot of people don’t know this fact, but the efficiency of the appliance is often dependent on the cables and breakers of the building. The better is the quality of cables the better is your experience. Usually, people keep ignoring the fact that they are overloading the cables and keep adding new appliances.

    In the end, the whole system is overloaded and the breaker drops frequently. When the network is used continuously for longer periods, there’s a risk of causing excessive damages to appliances and to the system as well. The best way to optimize the usage of your cables is to never exceed the recommended voltages. Whenever you want to add some appliance including an air conditioner, don’t forget to consult your electrician.   

    Inspect the Thermostat

    The thermostat is one of the major components of the air conditioner. It has probably one of the most important tasks that can help you control your energy bills. It helps to regulate the temperature of the targeted area.

    When you set a temperature on the air conditioner it means that the air conditioner turns off and off when a certain cooling level is achieved. If your thermostat works on batteries, then you should inspect it the moment you realize there’s something wrong. 

    Change the Filters

    Filters are probably the most famous parts of the air conditioner. When the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner drops down, then most of the time it is the air filter. The job of the air filters is to filter the air before letting it go inside the cooling unit. They filter the air and block all of the impurities in the air.

    If the filters are not cleaned properly, then they keep collecting until the air supply is considerably dropped. As a result, the air conditioner takes a lot more than cooling down the room. Don’t worry though, it can be easily avoided just by cleaning the filters or by replacing them with new ones.  

    Clean the Front Grill

    When you open the front grill of the air conditioner, you’d notice that there’s a grill right in front of you. It is an important part of the AC that plays a vital role in cooling the air. It has thin spacing that can be easily filled with dust if you don’t clean the filters for a long time.

    When that happens the cooling efficiency goes down immediately. That’s why cleaning it is extremely important and the good news is that you can do it yourself without professional support. All you need is a smart guide to expose the front grill and remove the front cover of the unit. 

    Check the Air Ducts

    Air ducts have an important duty because if you have centralized air conditioning, then you would definitely have ducts. The air travels through the ducts before reaching the outlets. The problem with the duct system is that it can be filled with debris over time. When that happens, it becomes a barrier against the air flux.

    That’s why it must be taken care of when need. Unlike filters and grills, you don’t require frequent maintenance here. The experts recommend doing it every five years, but if you have done some repair or maintenance, then you must inspect it. For that, you can take a sample of debris to the closest lab and follow instructions.

    Basic air conditioner maintenance isn’t that difficult and you can do it all by yourself with ease. Still, there are matters that must be left to the professionals. Because professionals can do everything better than you and they are extremely fast workers.