How To Organize Your Home Room-By-Room

    Organize Your Home Room-By-Room

    Everyone enjoys a newly organized home with neat spacious rooms, free of any clutter. But organizing your place takes time and effort, not to mention cleaning it. Just the thought of how to manage the process efficiently or when and where to begin is sometimes overwhelming. And an organized house is essential for a happier and healthier home environment that provides comfort and peace.

    So, whether it’s your home office, kitchen, living room, or bedroom, you need a certain level of organization but how? Either as a couple or by yourself, here’s a dash of various tips and ideas from CityLocal101 on how to organize and declutter your home room-by-room.

    Start With Your Living Room

    The living room takes a central place in a home. When well-organized and neat, it’s such a cozy and inviting spot to relax after a long day or enjoy family time.

    Set up different sections by functionality

    Arrange different areas in your living room based on functionality and usage. For example, if you go with the classic room for watching TV or playing games, create a designated seating area. 

    You rather have guests come over and socialize with friends? Place a suitable table with chairs, couches, poufs, etc.

    When you decide on the layout of your living room, just think about how you use and move through the space. This ensures that the furniture arrangement doesn’t block the natural flow of traffic in the room.

    Utilize shelves

    Another essential step when organizing a room is to declutter. So, put away all small objects, papers, pens, books, and others that usually just lay on the sofa or the coffee table and make a mess. What’s a better place to arrange different miniature items than on shelves. Wall-hung shelves provide more than enough space and add to the charm and aesthetics of the room.

    Or, why not consider ceiling-hung shelves for a more unusual look.

    Think about hidden storage

    Need even more space for storage? Say no more! Get a coffee table or a sofa with additional storage underneath where you can put away remote controls, magazines, your glasses, board games, your favorite book, etc. Or, there is another option - a caddy with compartments that stores many small items and is a cute home accessory.

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    Take Care of the Kitchen


    First, start with the messy spots, like drawers, cabinets, countertops.

    Identify utensils that you no longer use - blunt knives, extra dishes, cups, and so on. Gather them in a box and put it away in your basement or attic, comments Luke Hancock from the Bin There Dump That, US Dumpster Rental Company.

    Move on to the cabinets. Assess each one and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Make sure to arrange everything that stays in proper and decorative order.

    Clean countertops, too. Leave only items and appliances that you use every single day.

    Use the back of the cabinet doors

    Did you know that the space behind your cabinet doors goes wasted? Don’t leave that space blank. Keep your cups and spoons there, or create a knife block at the back door.

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    Store food in the fridge well

    Your fridge has specific spots meant for various foodstuffs but beware of mistakes when remodeling. The upper area is for dairy stuff because it has a constant temperature.

    Keep meat at the bottom because it is the coldest place and doesn’t get exposed to many leaks which might contaminate it.

    Store items logically

    Create particular areas for specific items. 

    For example, create a pot rail to hang your pans, measuring cups, and other cooking essentials.

    Make sure to place items that you often use close to your reach.

    Maximize your pantry space to see and reach everything easily

    When you don’t see some stuff, you forget to use them. You want to group items in your pantry together. Put tomato sauce next to the pasta. If you have a hard-to-stock can of food, use a magazine to create a can holder.

    Get a thorough cleaning session

    Kitchens are where the most action happens and adequate hygiene can be quite a challenge. That’s why a pre-tenancy cleaning service could do an amazing job with handling dirty and mildew throughout your near sink areas, outside and within fridge freezers, the kitchen island, and more, comments Dmitri Kara from Fantastic Cleaners UK.

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    Move On to the Bedroom

    Organizing your bedroom is a bit different from other areas because it’s often a catch-all for laundry waiting to go to the washing machine, clothes that don’t fit in the closet, and much more. However, it’s a good idea to take everything out before sorting. At most times, your bedroom is full not only of many clothes but shoes, too. 

    Below is how to go about it.

    Start with bed area

    Make your bed before anything else. How can a bedroom be neat and tidy if there is an unmade bed staring at you? Continue with the nightstands. Remove all finished books, your glasses, put away chargers, recycle the empty tissue box, and so on.

    Get rid of clutter

    Get rid of unwanted stuff by sorting them out. Clutter doesn’t mean that you only get rid of old and useless stuff. They might be useful things that you don’t use. Donate all valuable items or sell them.

    Hang bags or shelf them

    Bags take a significant amount of space in your room. Instead of keeping them somewhere down on the floor, hang them on the wall. That saves a lot of space and makes the bedroom neater.

    Hang with a plan

    You need to hang your clothes depending on their category. Hang pants in one place, dresses in another place, and colored shirts separately. Invest in high-quality hangers and avoid wired ones.

    Fold your clothes

    While some people find it better to hang their sweaters, pants, hoodies, or t-shirts, folding keeps them in excellent condition. If you hang them, they lose their shape. Fold them and put them on shelves. Or, stack them on piles on each other but keep the pile low.

    Keep your drawers tidy

    Fold all your clothes in drawers neatly and put everything according to how you want it. Keep what you often use at an accessible place, e.g. pajamas and night dresses. 

    Avoid arranging your shirts vertically. Put them horizontally so that it can be easy for you to sort through the clothes. You should also get drawer dividers for items like belts, lingerie, and socks.

    Create a shoe storage space

    You need to design shoe storage to fit your space and store clothes. Shoe storage saves you from piling your shoes under the bed and having a hard time getting them when you need them. 

    Create a shoe storage shelf and put each shoe on each shelf. You can also group the shoes, e.g. sandals, baby shoes together and sports shoes. It depends on the kind of shoes that you have, but ensure that you categorize them for easy accessibility.

    Tackle the desk

    Remove all unnecessary items from the top and put them in their proper place. Avoid shoving them in the drawers. If there is anything to throw away or recycle, do it, don’t let it pile up and make a mess. 

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    Go with the Bathroom

    Rearrange cabinets

    Take out all medications, cosmetics, skincare products, etc. Throw away everything outdated and then put the rest back into the cabinet. It’s a tip to store the products that you use the most at eye level. Move on the drawers of the cabinet. Again, first, remove every item. Evaluate quickly what you want to keep and toss everything else. When you put back the items that stay, leave the ones you use daily in the top drawers. 

    Do the same with the shower or bathtub

    Review all the personal care products, throw away what you no longer use, and rearrange the rest.

    Don’t forget the sink

    There is a mess below your bathroom sink? It’s time you took care of it, too. Pull everything out and declutter all unnecessary items and products.

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    Tidy Up Entryways

    The entryway is another space that gathers a lot of clutter from all around the house. So, whether it’s a small or larger space, make sure to organize it on a regular basis. 

    Start with any table, cabinet, or desk you have in there. Remove all stuff that doesn’t belong there and reorder the rest. Next, go through each drawer and repeat the same.

    Create small distinctive areas - for your keys, umbrellas, hats, and so on. This makes it a lot easier to leave home in the mornings when you’re already late for work.

    Declutter the hall closet. Put away all shoes, clothes, and accessories that are not for the current season.

    Create and Follow an Organizing System

    The key to keeping your home well-organized and neat is to have a particular system when it comes to putting in an order. And of course, it takes just a little effort to follow it, but in the end, it’s worth it. So, here are some summarizing tips to build your organizing systems

    • Don’t hesitate to purge. The secret to a neat and cozy home are decluttered rooms. Throw away everything you can and keep only absolutely necessary stuff.
    • Put similar items together. Divided out like items are a must when you organize. Put together all baking utensils, canned goods, office supplies, etc.
    • Label. It makes it so easier to find different items and saves a lot of valuable time. Plus, you can get creative and make custom labels to match and add up to the atmosphere of your home.
    • Fill cabinets and drawers with mini bins. They keep everything nicely organized and neat.
    • Train yourself to stick to your system. Create habits of putting away everything where it belongs and work hard to maintain them.

    Final Words

    Room-by-room home organizing and arranging don’t have to be a nuisance. Follow our tips and ideas from the guide to create a home layout that looks as it’s straight from the pages of a decor magazine.