How to Add Oil to an Air Conditioning Compressor?

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    You likely take your air conditioning system's ability to keep the air cold on a warm day for granted. However, circumstances happen when your air conditioner starts blowing warm air and you begin to sweat profusely. Although the functionality of your air conditioning unit is a simple concept, it does require some special equipment elements in order to work and perform efficiently. One of the basics you'll need to understand is how to add oil to the air conditioning compressor to make sure that your system keeps you comfortable anytime you need it.

    Joule-Thomson Effect

    A large percentage of air conditioning systems rely on the simple idea that as pressure increases, its temperature reduces, a concept called the Joule-Thompson effect. If you've ever used an atmospheric carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, you've probably seen this in action. Once the gas has been expelled, the remaining carbon gas in the extinguisher rises, causing the fire extinguisher to settle.

    The absolute reverse is also true. When gas is compressed, it warms up. It's the same mechanism that enables a diesel car to operate, and one can see it in action when pumping a tire with a hand pump. While researching how to Add Oil to an Air Conditioning Compressor make a note of how the air compression causes the nozzle and pump to become temporarily warm.

    Air Conditioning Compressor

    Your air conditioning compressor pumps the gas into your air conditioner, which then warms up. Within the extractor, it is then cooled to room temperature. Through all the intake tubes or outlet ports, the ambient gas is permitted to expand.

    As a result of this contraction, the refrigerant will condense at a lower temperature than the ambient temperature as it travels to the extractor. When cabin air passes over the extractor, the air cools, and the coolant returns to atmospheric temperature. This will be returned to the compressor, where the process will continue all over again.

    When adding coolant to your system, the best approach to extend the life of your AC compressors is to ensure that you apply enough oil. While searching for the query How to Add Oil to an Air Conditioning Compressor? Check the ac compressor oil capacity chart to make sure. 

    Adding Oil to Air Compressor

    If you wish to add oil to the air compressor, you'll need to operate a recovery machine to empty the unit. This is because it is unlawful to release refrigeration systems into the environment. All air conditioning systems require a specific quantity of refrigerant lubricant, which is determined by the length of the air conditioning system's hoses.

    Refrigerant oil becomes suspended in the Freon, clogging the elements and potentially affecting the unit's functioning. Once a leak in the system has been identified and repaired, such as a loose-fitting bolt, it is safe to add a tiny amount of oil to the system while the motor is running without endangering the unit.

    • Your air conditioner's higher and lower side valves should be connected to a reclaimer. The line with the smallest dimension is on the higher end, while the line with the largest dimension is on the lower end. You can now start the machine and remove the recharging tank.
    • Next to the reclaimer, release the red and blue gates for the lower and higher sides, respectively. That reclaim option should be pressed. Let it run in that manner until both indicators read zero. Transform off the higher and lower side valves, and make sure the indicators read 0 on both. Make sure to check the ac compressor oil capacity chart.
    • Disconnect the upper and lower wires from the engine's air conditioning system. The air-conditioning compressor's power connections should be disconnected. Remove the air conditioning belt tensioner as well. You must also disconnect the air-conditioning main wires from the air compressor. The air-conditioning compressor can now be removed.
    • By physically turning the gear in the typical direction of rotation while holding down the open end, start adding oil to the air compressor and drain it in completely. Instructions on the proper quantity of oil can be found on the air conditioning label or in the service handbook. The steps that follow should be carried out in a nearly hygienic manner. It means that no foreign material should be allowed to enter the compressor, as this could cause the system to malfunction.
    • Oil for ac compressor must be put slowly into the compressor's lower range or inlet port. The main line's entry point is here. Slowly rotate the clutch and wheel as you drop the refrigerant oil in to enable the oil to enter the compressor. If the manual specifies that the compressors can take six oz. of oil, use all six oz. but make absolutely sure it's totally refrigerated oil because nothing else will work. After that, set the compressors in the centre for around 15 minutes to allow the oil to soak into the front seals and grease them, preventing any leakage during startup.
    • The compressor should now be in position, and the wheel should be spun 10 times manually. It's also a good idea to put in the belt tensioner. Ensure that the O-rings on the manifolds connecting the lines to the compressor's back are in good shape. The manifold should be connected, and the bolt should be adjusted appropriately.
    • The power connection should now be put on the compressor, and the reclaimer's higher and lower sidelines must be reconnected. You must first open the reclaimer's valve before pressing the "vacuum" key. When the reclaimer asks how much you want to wait, simply enter 30 minutes and press the "start" key.


    While concluding the discussion about how to Add Oil to an Air Conditioning Compressor, after the vacuum pump has been turned off, both valves must be secured. Keep an eye on the indicators for any signs of leaking. The indicators must display a mercury level of roughly 30 inches. A leak is indicated by a dip in the indicators. Then, on the lower and higher sides, open the valves and press the charge button. Allow for the recharging of the lines.

    When the panel indicates that the charge is finished, turn off both reclaimer valves and disconnect the wires from your Air - conditioning unit before replacing the valve caps. However, adding oil to the air compressor is not an easy task. Hire a professional to add oil to the AC system. To find the best air conditioning contractors visit CityLocal 101