Can You Use a Regular Light Bulb to Grow Plants?

    Seedlings Growing in a Pot

    Are you unsure about the query “can you use a regular light bulb to Grow Plants? Natural light is a necessary part of life, but what if you live in an apartment that has little or no access to natural light. Plant and humans need natural light but plant it to grow. But what if you have a little light option in your apartment or don’t have any natural light in your apartment does it means to forget about trying to grow house plants?

    Low access to natural light is a challenge that may be trouble plants to grow properly or as long as they can easily on natural light. There are more way alternatives to natural light or you may say that list of some practical steps you can take to make your dream come true of an indoor plant alive. Mostly it comes to my mind also is it possible to grow plants using a regular lamp’s light, or a standard bulb will be enough for the plant to grow overall big and gangling. Plants are a great addition to homes, apartments, and rooms.

    Plants look nice and make fresh air for us. Plants help to improve our moods too. Whenever you grow indoor plants, you need to think of the lighting needs of plants. If there is natural light, it’s ideal for plants natural light is not always an option so we have to make some artificial light for plants. You can use regular lights for it if: you already have enough light in the form and you don’t want them to go to waste. Or if you do not afford to grow lights.

    May you be curious if the wavelength can create the same result as natural light. 

    Bulb Types for Indoors

    Do you know “can a regular light bulb help plants grow?” Growing plants indoors has been done in history for thousands of years. People enjoy having plants in their living areas for decorating purposes as well as for good health and wellbeing. It’s possible to grow plants indoors by replicating the conditions that plants live in outdoor. First of all, you need to do research on your favorite plants that how much light they need. Some plants need sunlight for the whole day as well as they need darkness to replicate the cycle of day and night.

    The Lumens

    While searching for “can you use a regular light bulb to grow plants

    ?” you will come across the fact that light levels can be estimated through a matric called lumens. Higher the lumens more the light. Normally 500 lumens are ideal for a plant to grow.

    Incandescent Bulbs – Effect of Regular Bulb on Growth of Plant

    These are the first light bulbs invented in the history of light. They consist of simple glass, a sphere, small strand of metal through which electricity pass through and lights up. These bulbs can be used to grow plants indoors but there are a few problems with these bulbs they got quite hot when they have been on for an hour or more. Most plants don’t like blasted with heat so you have to place these at a specific distance.

    But further away means less light so in order to generate the required light you have to install a lot of incandescent bulbs. This will overheat the room overall means you have to pay a lot of money for the electricity bill. A square foot of plant needs around 40 watts. The overall life of this bulb is on average around one year. 

    LED Bulb – Growing with Household LED Bulbs

    When hunting for answers to the query “can you use a regular light bulb to grow plants?” you must know that these bulbs work in the same pattern as incandescent bulbs do but are much more efficient in terms of electricity use. It generates the same light with 10% to 11 % less energy cost. One more benefit is its light can be customized although light coming from the incandescent bulb cannot be. LED bulbs are even replacing these bulbs slowly; one more advantage of LED light is these bulbs are specially designed for indoor plants growing. If you planning to grow small succulents or herbs on a desk you may use an LED spotlight for it. 

    Fluorescent Bulb

    These bulbs are the same as LED lights are; also, very efficient as well. These lights are great for plants indoors as they help us get steady light in white and with minimum heat.

    Halogen Bulb

    These bulbs are similar to incandescent bulbs except; that the current in these bulbs passes through a tungsten filament which is surrounded by a halogen like iodine or bromine. These give off more heat for less energy. these bulbs can be used for the plants that need more heat to grow. To produce enough light for a square foot of plants; it needs 29 watts means 11 less than incandescent bulbs. 

    Hydroponic Bulbs

    These bulbs are made with LEDs within. These bulbs are mostly used in industrial growth to replicate sunlight very efficiently. These are far strong bulb than any other household bulb on the market. These are although never use in our home normally. These claimed as powerful as sunlight, giving enough light to plants. Don’t forget to turn these off at night because plants need darkness as well.

    Plants Without Any Natural Light – Can Plants Grow from Light Bulbs?

    Can plants live without natural light? Tough question overall. Indoor light is not enough to keep your plants healthy as natural light. But only it’s possible with proper research work and the best available equipment.

    The main problem is not survival or the best equipment but the additional cost involves. because buying the right replacement of sunlight is very costly overall. Replicating the sunlight with electricity is possible but need a lot of electricity which lead to astronomical electricity bill. Some countries where long winter exists need lighter because the sun is hardly ever out there. So, more light is required therefore temperate house plants.

    Remember plants need more light to grow more than just light. If you growing your plant entirely indoors without any sunlight, please ensure that air is circulating properly.

    Also, keep measuring the humidity level on regular basis. Also, install the temperature meter as well to keep a proper record and control humidity level and temperature. These factors are just important to keep your plants healthy when growing indoors.  So, the answer is yes you can grow your plants with the help of regular bulbs but the best will be if you place some LEDs there as well. For finding nearby affordable lightning shops visit CityLocal 101.