8 Damage Roof Signs That Require Immediate Attention

    damage roof signs

    When you build a home, you come to know about various aspects of roofing. A roof is the most important component of any home. It covers your whole house and protects you from natural disasters. With time, the roof could show aging symptoms. Also, there could be an issue with your roof that needs to be addressed.

    Most of the residents have no idea whether their roof is in perfect condition.  Below mentioned are some basic damage roof signs that would help you identify the causes of roof aging.

    Missing Shingles

    Even a single missing shingle weakens the efficiency of a roof. Shingles act as an outer protective layer of a roof.  A missing shingle could also ruin the look of your house. If you find out that your house roof has a few missing shingles, call a professional roofer near you. He would replace those missing shingles with the new ones.

    A Saggy Roof

    A saggy roof could even break or fall, it can’t be overlooked. It's not difficult to identify a saggy roof. If your roof is more than a decade old and it wasn’t inspected by a professional roofer, your roof could have this problem. It is, therefore, recommended that you should get your roof inspected every year. The frequent inspection would minimize the cost of a roof repair.

    Water Leakage From a Roof End

    Water leakage is a common symptom of a damaged roof. Even a novice could judge the water leakage in a roof. After a thunderstorm or even a casual hail, you should inspect your roof for any kind of leakage. If leakages are identified earlier, serious roof damages could be prevented. Also, casual roof repairs won’t hurt your pocket. If a small leak is ignored, it could damage the whole roof within months. Therefore, never hesitate to call a professional roofer in case of small water leakage.

    Casual Wear and Tear Signs

    It’s the casual wear and tear that is often overlooked. With time, small issues with your roof could ignite several other problems. If small wear and tear aren’t addressed on time, you could end up paying the cost of a new roof. if addressed earlier, casual wear and tear repairs strengthen the roof and save your time and money. Small leakages, missing shingles, and the presence of moisture are some common roofing issues.

    A Sudden Increase in Energy Bills

    Modern roofing technology promises to minimize electricity bills. The insulation installed on the roof ensures that your ceilings maintain the standard room temperature. It prevents warm and cool air to enter the house. If you observe a sudden rise in the electricity bill, it means your roof insulation needs professional assistance. You could call a professional roofer for a detailed inspection.

    Presence of Moisture in Weird Places

    Your house roof has an insulation sheet installed to absorb any moisture. With time, the roof needs replacement. If it's in a bad shape, you could see visible moisture on different ends of the roof. Moisture could occur at weird places on your roof. It’s important to check for the presence of any moisture. That affected roof could be repaired and repainted to avoid further damage.

    Easy Passage for Sunlight

    Tiny holes and passways could allow sunlight to pass through. A roof is installed to protect your house from dust, sunlight, rain, and any abnormal weather condition. If sunlight could pass through your roof, it is a sign of some serious problem. It could be due to a missing shingle or constant water leakage. Whatever the reason could be, it needs immediate attention. Get an inspection done to find out the potential problems. 

    Fainted Roof Paint

    It’s the roof paint that enhances the beauty and feel of your house. No house owner wants the paint to fade away quickly. Get your roof inspected before blaming the paint contractor. Even high-quality paint could fade away because of negligence. Stains, glitches, leakages, and the absence of proper insulation could be the causes of a fainted roof.


    A damaged roof could cost hundreds of dollars for its repair. Therefore, a timely roof leak repair is necessary. The above-mentioned signs would help you figure out potential problems with your residence roof.