Cost estimation to Tear Off and Replace Roof?

    Cost estimation to Tear Off and Replace Roof

    The roof is one of the most expensive structures in any house. It is responsible for keeping the rainwater away from the rest of the home. If you are under the impression that only roof installation is expensive, then the details below will change your mind for sure. Because once the roof is installed it has to be maintained properly which requires additional money. Similarly, if you want to replace the roof it would cost you additionally and before that, you’d have to pay for the tearing process as well. If you want to have an accurate roofing estimate, then the following detail will come in handy. Just make sure you hire the best contractors in the area for work. 

    Cost of roof replacement

    The cost of roof replacement is a big question that disturbs every homeowner every once in a while. The answer to this question can vary greatly because every roof type has different material that changes its cost. According to a roofers101 cost estimate, it can cost you from $5600 to $12100 that usually has an ROI of about 90%. The cost of a roof can keep going higher as much as you are willing to invest in it. An expert roofing contractor usually considers the targeted area as well before giving you an estimate. For an average-sized roof of about 1800 sq, the cost of a roof would be about $4.5 to $6.2 per square foot. However, in some states, the average size of the roof reaches up to 2900 to 3500 square feet. Because of such factors the average cost

    Per square foot cost of replacement

    As it is mentioned before that the cost of roof replacement depends on the type of material you pick. Just take an example of the famous asphalt shingles. This particular material is sold and priced in squares and packs. The Tab 3 asphalt shingles will cost you about $4286 to $6429. A square of shingles covers a 100 sq feet area. If you buy a set, then you’d install up to 1/3 of a square. This means the asphalt 3-tab tiled roof will cost you roughly $1 per square foot and the total cost will become about $4800 to $12800 as mentioned in the previous section. If the whole calculation seems a bit difficult to you or you don’t have the exact price in hand, then it's better you talk to an expert before going ahead with the project.   

    The right way to formulate an estimate

    There are several important factors if you want to dig deep into the roof replacement cost. Before you go ahead with the cost calculation it is important to gather facts. For example, the cost of material is the biggest variable in play. For an accurate roofing cost estimate, you should visit various suppliers to get the exact estimate. A process that you should do before going to the suppliers is to measure the roofing area. Since there’s a very specific way to measure the area make sure you know how to do a precise calculation. Otherwise, you’d end up buying less or more material, which would affect the final cost calculation. Another important variable that several people neglect is the cost of labor. You can simplify things either by talking to an expert or entering data into an estimation website. Don’t forget to take into account the cost of disposing of the removed material.

    The facts about metal roofing

    Metal roof has become one of the most dependable roofs in recent years. The best thing about a metal roof is its durability and its ability to stand against any kind of weather. Whether it’s a rainstorm or windstorm it can withstand anything without making a dent. There are several kinds of metal roofs, for example, corrugated metal roofs, standing seam metal roofs, steel metal roofs, and tin roofs. The cost of all these types ranges from $1.8 to $14.65. An advantage of using a metal roof is that the material is completely recyclable. So, if you are an environment-friendly person, then you know what you should do. 

    Asphalt tile roofs

    Asphalt tiles are one of the most popular roofs in the present era and the biggest reason for that is affordability. That’s right, they are quite affordable and usually perform well in any kind of weather. The only drawback is the durability. Commonly an asphalt roof can last up to 35 years and after that, it needs to be replaced. If you are already replacing, then the cost of disposal would be added as well. It usually costs you about $1 per square foot which is way lower than the metal or any other kind of roof. However, before picking the next roofing solution it is recommended to talk to an expert. 

    Wood shingles roofs

    Wood shingles are another environment-friendly roofing solution that can have durability more than the commonly used shingles roof. A wood shingle roof can last about ten years more than an asphalt roof which would last about 45 years. It cost you about $4.5 to $9 which is way more than an asphalt roof. It might seem like the costs are exaggerated, but the cost of the cedar is quite high and it sure has its benefits. For example, it is a pest repellent solution. 

    Why does the cost fluctuate?

    The cost of a roof doesn’t change on its own. It completely depends on the choices you make. For example, the roofing area, roofing material, labor cost, roof’s slope, cost of removal, and disposal are all important factors that greatly impact the final cost. That’s why working with experts is highly recommended because a miscalculation on your end would result in hidden costs. The roofing experts are well aware of the market's ups and downs and can guide you to make better choices. 

    Estimating the cost of a roof isn’t that easy because there are a lot of variables in play. Taking a look at prices on the web isn’t a smart idea because the small auxiliary cost can easily affect the final cost. The only way to avoid a tough spot is to work with a local roofing expert.