How to Dispose of Concrete?

    Image of scattered concrete

    Whenever you do the renovation of your home or any construction and repair works. The curbs of your home pile up with left-over building materials such as sand, broken bricks, and concrete. Now, you don’t have any idea what to do with this waste disposal material. The first option that comes to your mind is to dispose of this waste building material but you are unaware of the ways how to dispose of the concrete. 

    A significant portion of waste material present in landfills comes from construction sites in the form of concrete. According to a survey done by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), almost fifty percent (50 %) of material dumped in landfills is the debris and concrete coming from demolished sites. According to a report presented by the Australian government, nearly 19 million tonnes of demolition waste was generated in the year 2008-2009 from which more than 8 million tonnes were dumped in landfills and the rest was recycled. 

    In another survey done in 2018, EPA presented that 85 % of the demolition waste is in the form of concrete. Getting rid of concrete is a quite hard job however you can look for environment-friendly disposal options. 

    How to Dispose of Concrete Chunks?

    There are several ways to get rid of concrete. There are several companies or individual workers who take off your disposed concrete material and use it in the construction of pavements, driveways, or any other construction sites. On the other hand, the use of waste concrete material on the construction site can reduce the overall construction cost. The better way to dispose of your waste concrete material is to recycle it instead of dumping it into a landfill.

    Renting Recycle Bins

    All construction and renovation projects need to recycle bins for the concrete dump. A recycle bin can manage a large number of concrete chunks into it and it is a safe and cost-effective way of concrete disposal. Several companies provide you with concrete disposal bins and also load them from your place. You don’t have to bear any transportation costs for the concrete dump. 

    This process is very simple yet affordable for you. The minimum cost for renting a recycle bin for a concrete dump is $199 having a space of 2 tons of concrete material. However, the bigger bin cost ranges between $369 to $569. Many companies provide free delivery of these concrete bins to the site.


    You can also dispose of the concrete material in the nearby landfill but it is not an environment-friendly approach. You will get rid of the waste building material from your own site but you will be responsible for the illegal dumping of waste. Ultimately, you will have to bear the consequences of illicit waste dumping. 

    According to EPA, the penalty for misleading information related to waste management is $120,000 for a person and $250,000 for a company. However, the penalty amount will be doubled if the information is spread intentionally i.e., $240,000 for a person with or without 18 months of prison and $500,000 for a company. 

    Sorting Out Concrete from Other Waste Materials

    Firstly, you need to figure out which material you need to take to the concrete recycling place and what will go in the general waste category. If your concrete material is completely uncontaminated from any other kind of waste then it is good to go to the concrete recycling facility. An experienced worker can load your concrete dump into the truck with minimal dirt and he will take the concrete truck safely to the recycling facility. 

    On the other hand, if the concrete chunks are mixed with other contaminated material such as green waste, rubbish, plastic, etc. then you need to sort it out first. The operator will load each truck with different kinds of waste depending upon their quantity including the concrete chunks. You need to look for a good concrete junk removal company for these services. Recycling concrete is a better way to sustain our environment. 

    Municipal Solid Waste Management

    There are transfer stations and landfills in every vicinity for the local waste management. If the amount of concrete waste is less, you can dispose of it in the waste truck that comes every morning to your door to collect garbage. It will save your time and money and help you get rid of concrete material.

    Getting Rid of Concrete for Free

    There are several contractors and construction sites looking for leftover concrete material. It can be used for their current construction project. It is another better way to dispose of your concrete material. You can use social media platforms for advertising the disposal of concrete material and you can also ask in your neighborhood if anyone is doing their construction. 

    You can donate your concrete material for the construction of welfare organizations for free. The concrete disposal companies will approach you through the advertisement you’ve given. 

    Look for Junk Removal Company

    You can also sell your concrete material to a junk removal company. You can look for reputable junk removal companies online. Call the junk removal company and set a time with them. They are professional in the concrete disposal work; they will come to your place in the decided timeframe and will take your concrete dump away from you. Now you don’t need to worry about the concrete dump placed around your home for a longer time. 

    This is how you can dispose of concrete without making an effort yourself. Hiring a junk removal company is an eco-friendly waste management approach. Look for the most cost-effective option while hiring a junk removal company that provides you with quality services within the affordable range and always makes efforts to conserve the environment.

    Building Material Suppliers

    There are many building material suppliers who buy the waste concrete material at a low cost from you and further sell it to the contractors of ongoing construction projects. You can contact multiple retailers and then finalize the one giving you more money. You can look for online building material websites and make sure that they are reliable. You can also ask your friends and family if they have sold the left-over building material to any trustworthy supplier in the past. 

    Junk Haulers

    If you have a large amount of concrete leftover, you can contact a reliable company providing affordable junk hauling services. You need to properly communicate with the junk hauler how much concrete material you have at your place so that they come with the right number of workers and transportation facility. 

    You need to tell them if your concrete material has any kind of mixing like plastic material, green material or debris, etc. so they can manage their time and labor cost. It will charge you some money but it will save your time managing concrete and bringing manual labor as well.

    Concrete Dump by Yourself

    If the amount of concrete material is manageable by yourself, you can transfer it to the dumping station or landfill by hiring a pick-up truck. However, the municipal dumping stations also provide free waste construction material pick-up service to their residents. You just need to inform them. 

    If you want to do it yourself (DIY) you need to spend nearly $32 to $40 for taking your concrete material to the nearby dumping site or landfill.

    Contact the Landscape Company

    If the waste concrete available at your place is clean, it is useful for the landscaping companies for their landscaping projects. The landscaping companies can use this recycled concrete for making flower beds, beautifying garden paths, around the fountains, and many other imaginable uses. You can look for a landscaping company on the social media platform. It is another sustainable option for concrete recycling. 

    Landscaping Your Own Garden

    If the concrete material is clean and free of any other mixing, you can use it in your own garden’s landscaping. You can look for so many DIY ideas on the internet and on YouTube. You can fill the flower pots with small-sized concrete and gravel stones. If you have large-sized concrete blocks, you can make a beautiful stony path in your garden. 

    There are the wire cages called “Gabions” which are filled with broken concrete and concrete blocks to make retaining walls. These gabions are mostly used for civil engineering works but you can use them for your backyard landscaping and making fences to maintain privacy. Even the gabion baskets are sold at many ornamental and landscaping stores whereas you can make your own gabions with leftover concrete material. Visit CityLocal 101 for hiring the best construction companies.