How to get rid of honey bees without killing them

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    Do you have Honey bees around your house and you want to get rid of them but without humanely killing them? The honey bee population is gradually diminishing. Therefore, many people want safe and gentle solutions. This article is all about it. And yes you clicked right. 

    Importance of Honey Bees

    These insects are very important because of their role in 

    • Pollination
    • Allowing food
    • Crops grow

    Honey bees are friends of most of the farmers because they help them a lot. Farmers sometimes lease beehives to pollinate their crops. Moreover, they produce delicious and nutritious honey that we love so they are of great use to humans. So if you were afraid of them then get rid of them ethically without affecting them.

    Honey Bees

    All honeybees are “social insects” and live collectively in nests or hives. The honeybee is performed the dancing movements to communicate information to its fellow bees about distance, size, location, and quality of the food source in the neighboring area.

    Types of Honey bees

    There are three types of bees in a honey bee hive: 

    • Worker
    • Drone 
    • Queen

    Each type of bee has its vital role and performs specific duties in a bee colony. 

    There are two honey bee sexes, male and female, and two female castes. The two female castes are known as “workers”, which are females that do not attain sexual maturity, and queens, females that are larger than the workers. The males, or “drones'', are larger than the workers and are present only in early summer. The workers and queens have stingers, whereas the drones are stingless.

    Methods to Remove Honey Bees ethically

    There are various safe and natural ways to get rid of Honey bees without affecting the environment and bees.

    • Call a Beekeeper
    • Drive bees away with the smoke.
    • Moth Balls
    • Cinnamon
    • Garlic Spray
    • Bitter Almond oil
    • Vinegar Spray Solution
    • Citronella Candles
    • Method to trap single or a few bees: Bee Trap

    Some of the above methods are explained below. You can make use of it and repel or get rid of bees.


    Your first choice must be a professional Beekeeper. Because they are experienced and know how to deal with them. They will take beehives and sometimes bees also and will take care of them and preserve honey too. So go for this option without any fear.


    Smoke is believed to be the most helpful method of getting rid of honey bees. We all know that Honey bees are very sensitive to smell. And when they smell the pungent smell of smoke they think it’s a forest fire. And it will cause them to leave and most likely never come back.

    How to do it?  Build a smoky fire with dead firewood or cardboard right under the beehive. But Don’t stand there or stick around to watch the bees. Because at that time they will become hostile when agitated so it’s best to go back inside.

    Moth Balls

    Bees often don't like smells around their hives so it's a better idea to make use of don’t mothballs. Make a pocket of mothballs and hang it near the bee nest. And you can hang it at different places around the place where their hive is. In this way, bees will go somewhere else and you will be happy that you haven't heard them.

    Garlic Spray

    The idea behind Driving bees away with the spray is simple. As bees are heavily dependent on their sense of smell, therefore they can be put off by overpowering pungent odors. So you can frequently spray a mix of crushed garlic gloves and water into the place where they are staying. It may force them to abandon it.

    Citronella Candles

    Citronella works on mosquitoes and bees. However, also you can use a citronella candle to get them to leave If you have a beehive outside. It won’t harm them, but it'll take a while to get them to leave. You’ll have to leave the candles burning for many days for them to be effective. Also, make sure you do this on a day when it'll work stylishly. If it’s windy outside or raining also the notions won’t go out.

    Bitter-Almond Oil

    Bitter almond oil can be used to repel bees. How to do this. Pour a little onto a rag and then keep it in an outdoor area that is warm and breezy. Where it will evaporate quickly and bees have to go somewhere else. But keep in mind, keep it away from kids and pets.

    Vinegar Spray Solution

     The vinegar spray solution is a natural way to get the bees whether it is out of the house or in the house. It is easy to make also and takes less effort. 

    Take a spray bottle, mix water and vinegar equally and shake. You are ready to spray the mixture around the nest at night when the bees are sleeping. As well as around the yard where you tend to see a lot of bees. It will repel away all the bees easily.

    Protection and Precautions

    In the above-mentioned methods, you have to be careful and protect yourself and your family first because bees are dangerous and once they know you are attacking them and heating them they will aggressively attack you back. Hence you must keep this in mind and it is good to employ this in the night while they are sleeping. This will avoid confrontation with a dangerously aggressive and angry swarm of bees.


    Although keeping in view bees are important for pollination, agriculture, and honey for human beings. Moreover, we should be aware, owing to their poisonous stings, of the dangers they pose to our living habitats. 

    Keep in mind that the bee population is declining. So you come across a bee. Just don’t panic. Instead, use the above-mentioned methods of dealing with bees. So Ah! Let’s protect ourselves from stinging bees without killing them. And if you have any other method do let us know. Hope you enjoyed reading it.