How to Fence a Large Property?

    fence around a large property

    Are you someone who is looking for fencing a large property? Are you wondering the various ways how to fence a large property? Well, it is true that fencing of any property, however big or small it may be is important for various reasons.  Some of the reasons why one should opt for fencing of a large property include protection of belongings, safety purpose, security purpose, and marking the boundary of the property.

    Sometimes it becomes very difficult to fence a large property due to its large perimeter or size.  But if you follow the proper method, fencing a large property can become easy. There are many things one must keep in mind to get the best fencing on a large property. The following points will help you understand the best ways to fence a large property:

    1. High Tensile Wire Fencing

    One of the best ways of fencing a large property is using high tensile wire fencing.  This kind of fencing makes use of smooth galvanized wire which is pulled at high tension and is held together by wooden posts.  This is often the answer to how to fence a large property, especially in the case of agricultural properties. 

    It is a good alternative for livestock fencing and even barbed wire since animals find it difficult to breakthrough. Moreover, this kind of fencing doesn’t pose a risk to animals and won’t hurt them.

    2. Post and Plank Fencing

    People often wonder about how much to fence a large property or how to fence a large property. One of the answers to this question is by making use of post and plank fencing.  This is a good option if your property has livestock present. The posts are placed horizontally and planks or rails are further used to fence the entire area of the property.

    This kind of fencing can be done using various different materials such as wooden planks, steel planks, and vinyl fencing.  Post and plank fencing is best used in the case of cattle pastures as well as horse paddocks.

    3. Game fencing

    Fencing a large property can be tough but with game fencing, half your worries are gone.  A game fence is mostly 8 to 10 feet tall and is used typically to keep game such as bison or deer in its grazing paddocks. As the name suggests, game fencing works best for game farms or game farmers the fencing is done using galvanized wiring at various different heights.

    It also involves wire gauges depending upon individual needs. The benefits of using game fencing are that it is durable, has a long life, and is heavy-duty.

    4. Split Cedar Fencing

    Cedar fencing or split cedar fencing is for those property owners who wish to give their property a unique look.  This kind of fencing option lends a rustic appearance to the fence. One of the major benefits of this fencing is that it requires minimal maintenance. Over a period of time, the split cedar fencing will turn into a silvery grey color.

    Split cedar fencing is a good way to fence a large size property and gives an old-western look to the farm.

    5. Barbed Wire Fencing

    One of the most used and common kinds of fencing preferred for a big size property is barbed wire fencing.  Not only is it the most affordable fencing option but gives you the option of spacing the barbed wire according to your preference. 

    It is a great fencing option for perimeter fencing and cattle pastures. If you are someone who is wondering how to fence a large property then this option will surely come to mind. However, one of its disadvantages is that animals have a risk of getting hurt due to the wire gauges.

    Now that you have read about the 5 most common types of fencing ideas, you can decide which option to select easily. However, there is still the big question of the ways in which one can fence a large property. Fencing for the large property is something that one cannot attempt to do on his own. Hence hiring a contractor or fencing company is a good idea. 

    Methods for Finding Fencing Contractors

    There are many fencing contractors or service providers out there who can not only fence your property for you but also give you the best advice. They will be better judges of which material or type of fencing suits your property the best.   Some of the ways in which you can look for the best fencing contractor are mentioned as follows:

    1. Search Online

    It is best to search for a fencing company or contractor over the web. In this day and age of the internet, you can find plenty of options when you type in your requirement and your area name. You will also be presented with online reviews and ratings of each company. This will help to make a decision about who to hire.

    2. Ask Friends and Family Members

    Nothing works better than the recommendation or referral of your own friends and family members when looking for a service provider. They can help you with the pros and cons of the contractor and this can help you make a better decision. Fencing for large properties is something that several companies do and hiring won’t be tough.

    3. Ask Other Property Owners

    If your property has other large properties around, you can check out the kind of fencing they have done and then ask them for reference. This way, you will be able to hire someone experienced and get a trustworthy contractor.

    Fencing a large property requires precision, hard work, experience, and skills. It is something that only a seasoned contractor can pull off. It is better to compare several options before you hire someone as each may give you a different estimate.

    Why opt for an expensive service when you can get the same for a cheaper price?  Now that you know how to fence a large property, go on and start fencing now!