How To Move A Fridge Without Scratching Your Floors?

    How To Move A Fridge Without Scratching Your Floors

    In the kitchen, a fridge is something you can use to keep all of your food fresh. It is for as long as possible. Some refrigerators can be tricky to move without a scratch. So here are compiled steps on how you can use yours without needing specialist help. If you don’t have such a thing, then it usually gets easier. since your fridge has probably got one in the top cabinet. It’s a bit odd not having anything separate that keeps the ice cold. But it will make storing drinks and other foods fresh much easier. 

    It may seem hard to move huge appliances without damaging your flooring or walls when they are so enormous. You can move your refrigerator safely if you have a good strategy, the correct tools, and a few helpers. Although it seems frightening at first. You can move your fridgewithout scratching your floors by following the steps mentioned below.

    1. Defrost The Fridge First

    Before putting any food in there, or anything else, you need to remove the shelves. It is vital to prevent moisture from getting into it. This is important when freezing a lot of things. Also, when storing a huge number of foods for a longer period. But before doing this you need to ensure there are no loose screws in the back of the fridge. And also, to clear out any empty spaces you might find. For instance, in my fridge, I used a rubber tray and a freezer cube. 

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    Once the shelves are removed, we can move the bottom of the fridge over to take away some more space. It is to store water bottles, frozen vegetables, or frozen meat inside. When put together, these three things make up about half of the space that needs to be kept cool. It also helps it to stay fresh for a while for things such as vegetables, fruit, and sauces. So once done, we want to try and maintain the temperature of the fridge below 0°C.

    2. Remove The Shelving

    Once you’ve finished checking the boxes underneath, then take the shelving off and secure it with rubber bands. There are plenty of shelf covers available that will hold most fridges. Once done, remove anything that you need to access. The last step would be to take down any food that you might place in the fridge. And use the shelves to hold them. From here, the fridge can just slide onto the mover when needed.

    3. Obtain A Dolly Or A Hand-Truck

    When local moving stuff, it can sometimes get tricky to handle it all at once. For that reason, It would be prescribed to obtain at least two streetcars. What's more, ensure you can get all things. Set them back where they should be. It means that you can move everything around easily and quickly without worrying about damage to surfaces. Or anything you might spill your hands on. Another useful way to improve the situation is by using a dolly if you can. It will help you move a fridge without scratching the floor.

    Then the fridge would simply slide onto its platform. Finding a greater object might be insightful contingent upon the size, shape, and weight of the items. It will help to lift them and bring them towards your face until they reach the floor. When you’re doing so, remember to turn your head slightly and do so quickly enough to release all the weight.

    4. Use Cloth Rugs Or Wrapped Towels To Protect The Floor

    We’ve covered opening and closing the sides of fridge doors, now let’s learn how to protect the inner flooring too. Most fridges have slats in their foundation for added protection for the fridge door. The first point is to use a cloth pad to cover any baseboards within your fridge door. Once placed properly you can drop your hand to a level spot. It will help to easily remove the pad and allow it to lie at your feet. 

    Next, place the pad firmly under the lid of the fridge to create an extra barrier to heat. Creating it against the contents of the fridge. Finally, you should hang up a towel or two. After having done so, the doors will look smooth when opened! You can always change this if you need to because it doesn’t matter.

    5. Navigate Through Walls

    Some people decide early on what kind of fridge they want and their average refrigerator weight. That is okay as long as you know where you can grab anything you need to get there quickly. If you’ve got your freezer, you’ll notice that it feels smaller than others. With your fridge that comes with a wall, that’s only going to add convenience in moving things around. However, when bringing everything up close to the door, it can start feeling crowded. Now, here’s a little tip.

    When you need to open your fridge door, you need to slide a piece of paper underneath the door. It is attached to the outside of your fridge. Put the paper underneath around your finger so that it doesn’t slip. 

    While it holds the door open, a light at the door is going to illuminate that it needs to be opened. Finally, before you can push the drawer downwards, grab its upper edge. Pull a stack of trolleys behind it as much as possible to give yourself room. As soon as you push it down, it’s ready to go! Lastly, once the drawer gets pulled all the trolleys will then be brought close together, giving you enough space. 


    Moving your fridgewithout scratching your floors is simple to do as long as you take the time. You can take time to plan the move properly and utilize the right tools for the task. Protecting the floor is simple by using furniture sliders or plywood. Moving a fridge over longer distances is best done with larger equipment.