10 Questions to Ask When Renting an Apartment | Checklist

    what questions to ask when renting an apartment

    We have all heard that the first impression is the last, but do you really believe in this concept? How can we find anyone according to our interests only in the very first interaction? For instance, you will not just get attached to anyone only after a single meet up, right? You will need to make sure your interests, goals, and values are a good fit. For this, you will need some time and more interactions. Well, it is the same thing while you are on a hunt for renting an apartment. That is why you should know the 10 questions to ask when renting an apartment.

    This is essential if you want to find the best place to live in. Suppose you find an apartment really fascinating in your first meeting with the broker. But what if there is a mismatch between what they are offering and what exactly you need. You don't want to make any haste while hunting for your ideal apartment. Many complications may come in the future. That is why you should know precisely what you are looking for. You don't have to become a spy for doing this hunt; just remember these 10 questions to ask when renting an apartment.

    1- What Are the Lease Terms?

    The primary thing you should be aware of is the commencing and terminating time of the lease. You should ask the broker about the lease before you even visit the place. Also, make sure to know that when you can move in and for how many months the contract is for. It is also essential to know the exact unit cost per month and the manager's late rental policy. Make sure to get familiarized with all the standard lease terms. Moreover, ask the owner if anything is left that you need to know about, like painting constraints or quiet hours.

    2- What Is the Cost for Moving In?

    It will be best for you to ask what the cost of moving in is? Each property manager will give you a different quote and different payment modes, so make sure to find the place that suits your budget. For example, some may require the first and last months' rent upfront. While some may demand a security deposit. If you find the move-in expenses highly-priced, you may have to locate a different place.

    3- What Is Your Guest Policy?

    You will find the guest policy mentioned in the lease, and it may be a bit strict. That is why you need to know the owner's guest policy to find if it will bother you in the future, or you can adjust to the procedure. For example, in some places, you will not be able to have visitors for more than one week, which means having your friend over to your place this summer may not be an option. So, to save yourself from any trouble in the future, make sure to know what is permitted before moving in.

    4- How Do I Pay the Rent?

    Only the cost of the rent is not essential to consider while looking for an apartment. You have to move funds to the landlord every month. Hence you should be familiarized with the mode of transfer. If you are dealing with a rental management company, they will provide you several options, including online remittance services. But if you are dealing directly with the landlord, there may not be such options. So, ensure that they offer you several options for transferring the funds, and you can opt for the one that serves you the best.

    5- How Secure Is the Apartment?

    Ask the property manager to brief you on the apartment's security features. This may include a buzzer system, a doorman, or anything else. You should also inquire about the neighborhood, whether it is a safe locality? It will be good for you to check the area's crime reports to get an idea of how secure the neighborhood is. You will definitely not want to live in an unsecured environment.

    6- Do You Require Renters' Insurance?

    While searching for an apartment, don't forget to inquire about the renters' insurance. Renters insurance actually covers your residence in incidents like a flood, a fire, or burglary. Some landlords will need renters’ insurance, so it is recommended to ask them before making a deal. You don't want to struggle to apply for the insurance just before the day you move in.

    7- How Do You Handle Emergency Repairs?

    You will not like to deal with a water leakage at midnight, but it requires immediate repair. If you are new to this neighborhood, you may not have the contact information of a plumber. So, for such emergencies, make sure to move to a place where the landlord or manager can handle it. Before picking an apartment, it is essential to know how emergency repairs are handled.

    8- Where Can I Park My Car?

    Don't overlook the parking area of the apartment you are going to rent. In many communities, especially in metropolitans, you will find it hard to street park your car. Street parking is also expensive in big cities. So, try to rent an apartment with a suitable parking lot. However, some landowners also charge for a personal parking spot. So, ask for the parking charges upfront rather than finding it out later.

    9- What Are the Other Residents Like?

    It is a good thing to know about your next neighbors. Although your landlord or property agent will not give you much information about who the other renters are. Still, they can provide you with a heads up about whether the other tenants are mostly families or young professionals. Getting to know other residents doesn't matter much. Still, if you are hunting for a building where you can play loud music, or alternatively, a building where you want a peaceful environment. In that case, other renter's nature may be necessary for you to know.

    10- Is There Automatic Rent Renewal?

    Make sure to ask about the automatic rent revision policy. They may not come up in conversation while dealing but could be concealed somewhere in your contract. Even if you have signed a lease for a specific period, some rental agencies will automatically restore your lease unless you send them written notice about leaving the place. It can be a surprise for you if you have not experienced an automatic lease renewal before. And if you want to break your contract under such circumstances, it will definitely be a costly endeavor for you. Hence, it is imperative to ask for such policies before finalizing the deal. Otherwise, you may get into some trouble.


    You have to deal with many things before you sign a rental contract. There are lots of questions to ask before finalizing the deal. If you want to prevent a mess of disputes once you rent a place, it is imperative to get the answers to these questions. This will save you from a lot of strain during your stay in the rented apartment. Besides these questions, make sure to thoroughly read your contract and pinpoint any errors or confusion in there. You will be happy you did this early and saved yourself from any trouble in the future.